Ben Higgins And JoJo Fletcher Clash In Final Date On ‘The Bachelor’

Ben Higgins is about to pick the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with on The Bachelor finale and as it turns out, a new preview gives fans a glimpse into a possible tussle between Ben and JoJo Flecher on their final date. On the last episode, Ben will take out Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher both one last time. This is the last chance that they have to tell Ben how they feel and make sure that she is the one that he picks. US Magazine shared the preview of how things go down with Ben on his final date with JoJo.

These two will head out to a gorgeous waterfall in a secluded area for a swim. Fletcher will explain that every time they are together things feel more natural and right for them. It is obvious that Ben has a great connection with her. Ben is down to just two different girls to choose from on this final episode.

Ben knows that they still have a few things to talk about when it comes to their future. Now that he just has to pick between these two girls, he needs to find out the hard stuff. JoJo brings up the fact that they haven’t really talked about where they see their life going after this, even though Ben’s mom brought it up to her when they met. Ben will be in Denver and she will be in Dallas when the show is over. She shared that she will do whatever it takes on her end of the relationship to make it work. When she asks Ben if he feels good, he responds with “that’s a loaded question.” The preview ends there not letting fans know what Ben Higgins has to say with her, but obviously it looks like they are going to clash a bit on something.

The Inquisitr shared that Ben Higgins’ mom picked who she wants to see her son with, and she thinks that Fletcher is the best match for him. Even though she likes Lauren Bushnell, that just isn’t the girl that Ben’s mom sees him spending the rest of his life with when the show is over and the final episode is filmed.

Radar Online shared a few details of how Ben Higgins proposal will go down when it finally happens. An insider shared that Ben was really nervous and actually kept rehearsing the proposal with the producers. The insider went on to share some details.

“He proposed in extreme heat. Nov. 18 was the hottest day of the whole week – about 90 degrees. Just stepping outside would make you sweat. It was really uncomfortable for everyone.”

It turns out that whoever Ben Higgins doesn’t pick goes back to her room right after and stays there all night with a producer. There was a big wrap party with the rest of the crew, but the runner-up doesn’t go to that at all. It sounds like she took it pretty hard.

Now, Ben Higgins will have to pick his girl. Sources say that he will propose with a Neil Lane diamond ring and the girl says yes to him. It sounds like it all works out in the end for Ben.

Are you shocked to hear that Ben Higgins will end up clashing with JoJo on their final date? Do you think that he will end up with her or Lauren in the end? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts and don’t miss the big finale of The Bachelor on Monday night on ABC.

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