‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Negan Has Fans Scared For Daryl, Glenn, And Abraham — Don’t Forget About Tara And Heath

The Walking Dead fans are starting to get excited about the highly-anticipated arrival of Negan. It doesn’t seem to matter that the leader of the Saviors is already being called the best TV villain ever and he hasn’t even graced television screens yet. While many avid TWD watchers are wondering if Negan will stay true to his comic book character self and kill off the same people, others still haven’t forgotten that Tara and Heath are still out there somewhere.

In all the scramble (and worry) about whether Daryl will take Glenn’s place in episode 100 of The Walking Dead comics as it plays out on screen, others are wondering when Tara and Heath will pop up. It’s pretty widely believed that Heath will actually be Negan’s first victim. Right now, Heath and Tara are off together on a supply run that was supposed to take weeks. No one from Alexandria has heard from them or even expects to, and many, including Cleveland Plain Dealer, believe that the next time we see Tara and Heath, Negan will have them.

The synopsis for episode 14, which doesn’t air until the Sunday, March 20, “Heath and Tara are still out on their supply run. Instead of finding goods for Alexandria, they find trouble.” The episode is called “Twice As Far” and it’s pretty safe to say that Tara and Heath will run into trouble before they get the supplies they set out to retrieve. It’s possible that the episode is linked to Daryl’s crossbow that is now in Dwight’s possession. There are rumors that someone, probably Heath, will catch an arrow in an upcoming episode. Previously, the Inquisitr has suggested before that Negan is going to kidnap Heath and Tara. No one will know about it for weeks because they don’t expect to hear from them for a while.

Most of the rumors about Heath’s death are connected to his new role on the Fox reboot of 24 called 24: Legacy. Corey Hawkins was cast as the lead in the upcoming series and while it’s entirely possible that Hawkins could film both, many fans just don’t expect it to happen. While Heath plays a pretty big role in the comics, if Hawkins wants to move on to 24 and leave The Walking Dead behind, there’s a pretty good chance his character would be killed off rather than recast.

As for Abraham and Glenn, some outlets are reporting that they will meet their comic book fate but that isn’t set in stone yet. Look at the way Tyreese took the comic book death intended for Morgan prior to the walker invasion of Alexandria. Or how Michonne stepped into Andrea’s storyline to have a romance with Rick instead. Many of the storylines that are currently playing out on The Walking Dead on AMC actually belong to other characters in the comic books and it happens a lot.

Even though Negan was rumored to be showing up before The Walking Dead season 6 finale on April 3, it looks like that was just a tease. Based on the most recent information, it looks like the Saviors’ leader will only show his face in the finale and the entire episode will leave TWD fans with their jaws on the floor, waiting for the season 7 return with more anticipation than ever before.

There are two major character deaths teased for the finale. The episode is called “Something To Fear” and it’s safe to say that fans will be left upset because Rick and the rest of the survivors are not expected to end the season with a win. Instead, Negan will live on to terrorize Rick and the rest of the group in Alexandria for a long time coming. Fans should think of Negan as The Governor on steroids. Where the old TWD villain was problematic and caused a lot of trouble, Negan will come along and make him look like a wimp in comparison.

Are you ready for all that The Walking Dead is about to put fans through in the coming weeks? There are just three episodes left before the finale and each one is building the tension between Rick’s good guys and Negan’s really bad ones. Who do you think will die before season 6 of The Walking Dead is over?

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]