Nina Dobrev Moving To ‘The Originals’? Joining Paul Wesley And Ian Somerhalder?

Rumor has it that Nina Dobrev is going to move on to The Originals, possibly reprising her role as Elena Gilbert. She may join Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder if the two Salvatore brothers decide to make their way to New Orleans.

Dobrev left The Vampire Diaries after Season 6, deciding not to renew her contract. She said it was the right time to move on, always viewing Elena’s story as a six-year one. The actress wanted to move onto bigger roles, but Dobrev has not had the success she originally hoped to have. Now, there are rumors that she is considering coming back to her role, but not on The Vampire Diaries. She wants to join the cast of The Originals.

MNR Daily shared the rumor of Nina moving onto the spinoff show. The Inquisitr has already reported that it is possible the Salvatore brothers will move, too. However, some fans want to see Caroline Forbes make her way to New Orleans, increasing the chance of Klaroline to happen again; that ship has a very strong fan base.

There are some issues to work around for Dobrev to join The Originals. If she was to join as Elena, the writers would either need to kill off Bonnie or find a way around Kai’s coma spell. Right now, Elena’s life is linked to Bonnie, and she will only wake from her coma if Bonnie dies. It is clear that Damon is not about to let his best friend die, as seen two episodes ago when Tyler almost killed her.

Another option would be for Dobrev to take on one of her doppelganger roles. She has already played three other roles in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. She could come back as the Mikaelson brothers’ love interest, Tatia. E! Online reminded fans of the character back in 2014, when Dobrev came onto The Originals to play the role for an episode. She was used by Esther for the spell to turn her children into vampires, as a character both Klaus and Elijah Mikaelson fell in love with, causing friction similar to that seen between Damon and Stefan Salvatore over Elena Gilbert.

It would take some working out to bring the character back, but it would not be the first time the show has done this. Just recently, both Kol and Finn Mikaelson have been returned in their real bodies. Esther and Mikael were also brought back from the dead. Davina would be able to do something if it was really necessary.

A third option for Dobrev to return would be to introduce another doppelganger. This would not quite work as well, considering the storyline in The Vampire Diaries Season 5. All doppelgangers had been killed, leaving just Elena and Stefan, so The Travellers could cast their own spell. One way to get around this would be to move The Originals into the future and have a future doppelganger. The Vampire Diaries has currently moved three years into the future, so it would be possible for The Originals to do something similar.

This is all just speculation at the moment. Right now, it is just a rumor that Nina Dobrev will join the spinoff show. It is also just rumor that Wesley and Somerhalder are considering moving across to a new show. All the rumors are due to the uncertainty of The Vampire Diaries. It is possible that the show will be canceled at the end of Season 7, due to poor ratings. While there was an initial boost, partially thanks to the idea of Klaroline becoming a thing again, the view ratings dropped again. It spells danger for The Vampire Diaries, so if Nina Dobreb did want to come back, she might have to consider The Originals instead.

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