What We Know Now About Wade Michael Page – Alleged Sikh Temple Shooter

Oak Creek, Wisconsin police officers have searched the home of alleged Sikh Temple shooter Wade Michael Page looking for insight into his motive for the shooting which killed six people yesterday in the Milwaukee suburb. Three Wisconsin shooting victims were sent to an area hospital with “grave” injuries, according to NBC News.

A police officer called to the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek shot the gunman and prevented the deaths of even more worshippers at the Sunday morning services. Wisconsin law enforcement agencies are treating the Sikh Temple shooting as an act of domestic terrorism. The Associated Press reports Wade Michael Page is a bald, 6-foot-tall, white male in his mid-40s and is a former U.S. Army soldier.

“He did not speak, he just began shooting,” Harpreet Singh told the Associated Press when sharing details of the attack told to him by his wife’s uncle and temple president Satwant Singh Kaleka. Satwant Kaleka was one of the victims shot when alleged shooter Wade Michael Page “sprayed” gunfire inside the Sikh Temple.

Wade Michael Page was once stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fox News notes. Page was also once stationed at Fort Bliss, earned the Army “Good Conduct Medal” and was never deployed. The alleged Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooter lives at the 3700 block of Holmes Avenue in the Cudahy neighborhood. Wisconsin state police officers working with federal law enforcement agencies arrived at Wade Michael Page’s home with an armored truck and trailer and a police dog to search the residence earlier this morning.

Six killed in Sikh Temple shooting

A neighbor of alleged Oak Creek shooter Wade Michael Page told Fox News that she heard him pounding on the door of his old apartment last night, followed by yelling. According to statements by the unnamed female neighbor, Wade Micheal Page used to live in the apartment with a girlfriend, but moved into another unit two weeks after a break-up. The neighbor further contents the Sikh Temple shooting suspect had a “9-11” tattoo.