Jenelle Evans Is Taking Nathan Griffith To Court For Full Custody, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Wants Hefty Child Support

Jenelle Evans could easily be called one of the most controversial Teen Mom stars. She is the wildest of the bunch on Teen Mom 2, and it doesn’t look like she is slowing down. While Evans has been clean from drugs for quite some time, there are other issues she is facing. Right now, she is raising her son, Kaiser, alone. Nathan Griffith and Evans have been apart for several months now, and she is finally ready hold him responsible for his portion of Kaiser’s expenses. Aside from being a single mom, Evans still does not have custody of her oldest son, Jace.

The breakup between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith was nothing short of dramatic. The two had been together nearly two years and were planning to get married. After several fights, Griffith decided to leave Evans. While he already had someone on the side, she was left to pick up the pieces of the life they were supposed to have alone. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans is suing Nathan Griffith for full custody of Kaiser. A lot of the behind-the-scenes of their relationship and breakup will be documented on the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. Evans was arrested for assaulting Griffith’s new girlfriend, a charge that she is currently still fighting.

There is incredibly bad blood between Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith. Just a few weeks ago, there was more drama between the former couple. Evans was out of town and parked her vehicle at the airport. While she was gone, Griffith picked the vehicle up from the airport and left her without a ride. This caused a lot of issues across social media, especially when Evans called him out for theft. What Griffith did was shady, but it was legal. His name was also on the title of the vehicle so there wasn’t much anyone could do. Evans decided to file larceny charges against her ex-boyfriend, and he was arrested.

A mystery illness has been plaguing Jenelle Evans. She was running from coast to coast getting extensive testing done. Her symptoms were incredibly troubling, and she wanted to be given a conclusive diagnosis as soon as possible. According to Us Weekly, Jenelle Evans visited The Doctors to talk about what was going on with her. While it made it seem that everything was under control, Evans is still having mysterious symptoms. It was rumored that this mystery illness may be enough to stop her from filming Teen Mom 2. Season 7 has been taped, but the reunion show is still to come, so Evans is at least finished with this year. It is unclear if she will return or not next year if the show is picked up by MTV again.

Right now, Jenelle Evans is out for blood with Nathan Griffith. She wants him to pay back child support from the time they broke up. They split last fall, and they have yet to have a parenting agreement in place. Evans is upset that Griffith is still filming Teen Mom 2, and she wants her cut of his pay. Rumors are indicating she feels like his fame is thanks to her, and she wants him to pay up. In fact, Evans even wants him to pay her a portion of his military pay. Griffith was getting disability pay from his time in the service, though it is unclear if he is still receiving that or not. This is likely going to get messy and with the criminal records both of them have, it is unclear which way the judge will decide. Jenelle Evans is going to make sure she sticks it to Nathan Griffith, one way or another.

[Photo by John Parra/Getty Images for GBK Productions]