How To Look Like Supermodel Lily Aldridge In Just Minutes

Supermodel Lily Aldridge is sharing some of her easy tips so that you can look bikini-ready for spring break or that summer beach trip.

Of course, Lily Aldridge always looks good. She’s a swimsuit model — it’s her job. But even she had to learn a few tricks from her own makeup and styling team so she can look beach ready at all times.

“A good fake tan is always nice… We have the best makeup artists who have the best bronzers, so they hook us up,” the 30-year-old told Us Weekly.

Aldridge also shared some of her other secrets for getting bikini-ready, whether you’re a supermodel or not. Luckily, you can try some of these smoke-and-mirror tricks out for yourself.

“Another thing that makeup artists do is spray you with sunblock. It protects you from the sun, but gives you a really nice sheen for pictures, like you just woke up with sheeny, tan-looking skin.”

It’s kind of Lily’s job to keep her body in tip-top shape. However, she claims that she does not do crash diets.

“In my normal life, I’m not this crazy person! I’m normal. I enjoy life, as you do. I’m pretty sure I ate some hamburgers over there.”

Aldridge admits that she doesn’t eat unhealthy all of the time. She says that she and her model friends make it a point to get to the gym.

“We compare ourselves to athletes. We make smart choices for a month before the show, we work out. I usually do two workouts a day leading up to the show. I do an hour in the morning, and thirty minutes in the afternoon.”

Aside from her workouts, Lily says that she changes up her diet before big runway shows like the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special.

“[I’m] eating healthy. Lots of roast chicken and vegetables, eating clean. I mostly cook my own food so I know everything that’s going into it.”

Both Lily and Behati Prinsloo revealed to E! Online that they treat themselves to an annual “pizza party” after the Victoria’s Secret Swim Specials airs on CBS. Note, this is only the second time that the special has been televised, but both models have modeled in swimwear for the brand for several years.

The model also shared some of her tips for picking out the perfect bikini. Aldridge’s recommendations include Victoria’s Secret island boho or sporty collection. There’s always the classic mix-and-match bikinis that fit all body types. Aldridge says to always try on the bathing suit, even if you’re not sure if it will look good on you. She also suggested looking out for swimsuits that come in neon colors or feature ruching, both of which are extremely flattering on most body types.

Lily Aldridge
[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

If you’re on the market for a sexier style bikini, Lily Aldridge has got the low-down on some of the hottest one-piece and two-piece swimsuits. She suggests again that mix and matching will make your bikini one-of-a-kind. Lily also says that she loves straps on her bikini bottoms since they’re extremely flattering and don’t make your hips appear larger. A regular bikini top is a must, but a halter-style bikini top provides more support.

Check out the videos below for more tips on picking the right bikini for your body type.

The beauty brunette has also starred in Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video. In fact, she’s been a part of the singer’s girl squad for a long time. But there’s one thing she won’t do and that’s get involved in Swift’s feud with rapper Kanye West. Last month, Aldridge spoke to the New York Daily News at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Swim City party, where she had nothing but praise for the pop star after her big Grammy win.

“She works so hard. It’s well-deserved,” Lily said.

When asked about Taylor’s feud with Kanye, she simply waved her hand and nodded her head.

[Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for Vanity Fair]