‘Naked And Afraid’ Returns With More Danger And Even Harsher Environments

Naked and Afraid is back with 12 pairs of men and women braving remote locations and unforgiving environments. The season premiere episode is titled “The Serpent Garden,” and the first couple will be spending 21 days deep in the forests of Alabama. Chalese is an endurance athlete, and Steven is a self-described “king of the forest,” and together they will struggle to not just survive, but to actually thrive in their deadly and hostile environment.

[Warning: Spoilers ahead!]

Entertainment Weekly shared that for Steven and Chalese, there may be a blossoming romance, a meal consisting of possum, and a “heart-stopping” moment.

“After he’s killed the snake, he’s gutting it,” says executive producer Steve Rankin.

“But like in many kills, especially with reptiles, the nervous system is continuing to function even though the animal is dead. He removes the still-beating heart, and he looks at it, and he just pops it into his mouth… We talk about having heart, and putting your heart and soul into things — he certainly put his heart into that.”

Most people might think this would be an area that the first Naked and Afraid couple would be more comfortable with, but just because the local flora and fauna may be more familiar doesn’t mean the challenge is any easier. Besides the heat and humidity, they will have to contend with the abundant wildlife, especially keeping an eye out for feral pigs and over 50 species of snake such as the water moccasin, copperhead, and timber rattlesnake.

This season the Naked and Afraid couples will be experiencing some of the most inhospitable locations on six continents. Yahoo! TV shares a preview of the new season, and states that some of the new international locations include Australia, Croatia and Canada. Besides Alabama, Texas will also be one of the locations in the U.S.

This promises to be a season like no other, taking the Naked and Afraid survivalists to the brink, and revealing just how primal they can become when pushed to their absolute limits. The locations will be colder, tougher, and filled with dangerous animal encounters. This season an elite group of survivalists from around the world was chosen to put their lives literally on the line in these challenges.

“We’ve had more tap-outs and evacuations than ever before,” Rankin said. “We’ve gone to Northern Canada, where it’s really cold, and to Australia, where some of the deadliest species in the world reside, so we’ve upped the stakes.”

The Naked and Afraid couples will have to reach down deep to succeed, and to make it a little more complex, they are beginning the challenge with a complete stranger. Some of the couples will get along from the beginning, while for a few it will take some time and for others they may never be able to work well together.

Relationships aside, the Naked and Afraid duos will still need to use every skill set they have and push to keep their mental fortitude intact, which will be difficult when dealing with a myriad of uncomfortable and at times downright dangerous situations guaranteed to make their experience a miserable one.

These Naked and Afraid participants will have to brave conditions ranging from bone-chilling cold to oppressive heat, to insect stings and bites covering their bodies, to extreme hunger and thirst. Not to mention the animals that often come around to investigate their camp sites. A one-hour preview titled “Into the Wild” takes a look at what’s ahead for the Naked and Afraid pairs, and the narrator states that they will have to contend with some of the deadliest animals on earth. The preview will air once more on Saturday, March 12, at 11 p.m. ET on Discovery.

Another Naked and Afraid couple will find themselves at Bear Lake in eastern Canada, where black bear and moose roam the forests. Greg is a retired military officer, and Cassie is a self-trained survivalist. One night as they struggle to stay warm, they are startled by a curious moose investigating a camera that is set up outside their shelter. Cassie is clearly frightened, and they try to stay quiet, fearing the moose might stomp them if he hears them.

As the Naked and Afraid survivalists push the very limits of human endurance, they will find themselves at their physical and mental breaking points. Although their situations are often bleak, there are revealing glimpses of what the sheer will to go on can do, providing viewers with a look at some incredible triumphs of the human spirit.

Are you a fan of Naked and Afraid? Will you be watching the new season? Leave your comments, thoughts, and opinions below. The season premiere of Naked and Afraid airs on Sunday, March 13, at 10 p.m. ET on the Discovery network.

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