Moving To Canada? Americans Pledge To Leave The United States If Donald Trump Becomes President

More and more people are pledging to leave the United States if Republican front-runner Donald Trump becomes America’s next president.

And what is their likely destination? Why, Canada, of course.

The Inquisitr reported earlier this week about the influx in the number of queries regarding the possibilities of moving to Canada on Google after Donald Trump won big on Tuesday, when he swept aside his Republican rivals in Michigan and Mississippi and won the Hawaii caucuses. According to Google Trends, a tool the company uses to track keyword searches, “Move to Canada” was one of the most searched keywords on the search engine, while Twitter was awash with #MovingtoCanada, with most people citing the insecurities they may face as the likely reasons for their departure if Trump indeed becomes president.

This comes after a number of celebrities, both Republicans and Democrats, stated that they would leave the United States if Donald Trump manages to move to the White House in November. Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, Jon Stewart, and Samuel L. Jackson are some of those who have most vociferously denounced Trump’s candidature, arguing that it could be dangerous for the future of the country.

In fact, Louis C.K.’s appeal to his fans to not vote for Trump, where he compared the Republican front-runner with Hitler — a comparison greatly discussed on blogs and social media last week — has widely been considered as a summation of all that irks voters, even Republicans, in case of a Trump presidency.

The Republican party does not itself fully endorse Donald Trump, even with him clearly leading the race. Mitt Romney and John McCain have said that they do not think that Trump represents the best ideals of the party.

Despite all the criticism, Donald Trump proved once again on Tuesday that he has struck a chord with American voters. After his sweeping wins, social media was chock full of anti-Trump memes, pictures, quotes, and arguments, with most people pointing out that the only option they would be left with in case Trump wins the general elections is moving to Canada.

With Canadian PM Justin Trudeau visiting the United States this week, calls to move to Canada have gained even more momentum on social media sites. With liberal leader Trudeau offering a sharp contrast to the vehement rhetoric of Trump, American citizens have started to vent their frustration at what they perceive as a “farcical” option of a president in Trump.

One of the major points of contrast, of course, is the way the two leaders deal with the sensitive subject of immigration. While Trump has clearly stated that he would even look into shutting down entire communities from entering the U.S., Trudeau’s acceptance of Syrian refugees has widely been considered as the most remarkable gesture offered by a Western country to refugees from the Middle East.

While Trump has definitely been built up as a not-so-inclusive presidential candidate, both by the media and the man himself, Trudeau is the heartthrob of people hoping to seek more inclusiveness in societies.

All of which has led American citizens to look at the possibilities of moving to Canada if Donald Trump can manage to overcome all obstacles, which are by no means simple, and become the next president of the U.S.

Last week, British comedy talk show host Adam Hills took a jab at Trump’s proposal to make a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border by stating that Canadians should start looking at ways to make a wall of their own to prevent the influx of American refugees to Canada in case Trump becomes president.

Naming the campaign “Bricking It For Canada,” the co-hosts of the show say that they have set up a website which will help people from everywhere to help Canada build a wall to prevent American citizens from pouring in.

With the “Move to Canada” campaign gaining more momentum in light of Trump’s recent victories and Justin Trudeau’s visit to the United States, the first state visit by a Canadian leader in almost 20 years, it is quite apparent that many Americans are now seriously considering the repercussions of a Trump presidency.

Are you moving to Canada yet?

[Photo by Sean Rayford/Getty Images]