November 21, 2018
There's An Adorable Reason Why The Entire Royal Family Is Laughing In This Picture

A recent picture of the Royal Family (sans Queen Elizabeth II) sitting together to take a photograph with Prince Charles for his 70th birthday caught a lot of people's attention.

It wasn't all too remarkable of a photograph, to be quite honest, but the fact that every member of the Royal Family in the photo was laughing made people wonder: what was so funny?

In the picture, Charles — along with the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles, his two sons Princes Harry and William, daughters-in-laws Meghan and Kate, and his grandchildren — are all together at a bench in a scenic wooded area, per reporting from Cosmopolitan. Rather than looking politely into the lens of the camera, however, the Royal Family is looking at something on the ground and to their right.

Camilla is even pointing to the thing that has apparently drawn everyone's attention, causing them all to burst out laughing.

It wasn't made clear right away what the family was laughing at. Was it a squirrel? An adorable trick by a pet? Frantic lawmakers struggling to figure out what to do about Brexit, as the previous reporting from the Inquisitr has detailed?

It turns out, it was none of the above.

What had encapsulated the entire family to turn away from the camera for a candid moment of laughter was the Royal Family's nanny, who was making attempts to get the children to smile. The nanny had apparently been trying to get Charles's grandchildren to smile — by making funny and silly faces at them.

The nanny's efforts apparently worked too well, as the entire family got a fit of the giggles as a result.

As the nanny made silly faces and movements, "everyone burst into laughter at one point, making for a more relaxed photo," a source close to the Royal Family explained.

Those must have been some silly faces!

The entire photo shoot was actually much easier than what one would imagine, especially given that three young children were a part of it. Any parent will tell you that it's a struggle to get one child to smile and that the nanny and photographer were able to get all three to cooperate is an incredible feat.

As it were, the children were exceptional during the ordeal, which only took 15 minutes. Prince Louis was especially "so well behaved" during the picture-taking, being "the most adorable, placid little boy you will ever meet," according to reporting from the Mirror.