‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Melissa McBride On Carol’s Mental State

The Walking Dead airs a new episode on Sunday, and TWD spoilers reveal it will focus on Carol. Last week, viewers saw a different side to Melissa McBride’s character. Carol and Tobin have a bit of a romance going on, and Carol improvised by using beets in her cookies to feed the people of Alexandria. Carol was also smoking cigarettes and lashed out at Maggie.

After a sneak peek clip for The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12 was released by AMC, some viewers became concerned about Carol. There were theories that she was either going through a mental health crisis or Morgan’s chat with Carol was starting to affect her. After the Walking Dead episode aired, Melissa McBride spoke about Carol’s state of mind and what is causing the TWD character to change.

Recently, Melissa McBride spoke about Carol’s behavior on the last episode of The Walking Dead. It started with Carol baking cookies, but the Alexandria pantry was pretty low on ingredients. Carol had to improvise and baked acorn cookies that had beets as a sweetener instead of sugar. We definitely give her points for being creative. Carol’s baking skills are not what worried and confused fans of The Walking Dead, though.

On Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, Carol and Tobin seemed to have a romance brewing. Don’t get us wrong – we want Carol happy, especially since she last relationship was when The Walking Dead was in its infancy. She was a different person back then, when her abusive husband, Ed, was still alive. Fans of The Walking Dead have watched as Melissa McBride’s character has evolved over the seasons. Not only has Carol grown strong, despite losing her only child, Sophia, the TWD character is a fan-favorite.

Last week’s episode of The Walking Dead revealed other differences in Carol as well. Besides a budding romance with Tobin, the TWD character was smoking cigarettes. It seemed that she was happy and carefree at certain times. However, there were other scenes that showed Melissa McBride’s character under tremendous pressure. She was not happy that Maggie came along to attack the Saviors. She even talked to Rick about it, and moments before being captured by the Saviors, Carol lashed out at Maggie.

Something is changing in Carol, and a few TWD fans suspect that Morgan’s “peace talk” might be affecting her. Is Morgan responsible for the difference in Carol’s personality and behavior? Is there something else going on? In an interview with Yahoo TV, McBride said that Morgan’s philosophy may contribute a little bit to Carol’s different behavior and thoughts. However, the actress also believes that Carol would have changed even if Morgan was not around.

“Just the notion of taking a human life is, it’s unnatural,” Melissa McBride teased to Yahoo TV about Carol’s mental state on The Walking Dead. “This life in Alexandria in peacetime… it’s like the greatest day you could ever have is to have a beautiful day with a smile on your face, making cookies and to try to escape the fact that you have taken lives to survive.”

Spoilers for next Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead reveal that Carol will show some more changes, but in the opposite direction. Carol and Maggie are being held hostage by the Saviors. Carol will use her mind and acting skills in an attempt to get out of the situation. This is something fans of The Walking Dead have seen before. However, Carol will come up with a crazy and shocking idea when it comes to escaping the Saviors, according to The Spoiling Dead Fans. Carol’s plan, which the Inquisitr previously reported in detail, is something that will leave fans of The Walking Dead either amazed or disgusted.

What do you think is going on with Melissa McBride’s character on The Walking Dead? Are you concerned about Carol’s recent behavior? Did Morgan’s chat with the TWD character cause Carol to think differently than before? If so, how will that affect her survival on future episodes of the zombie apocalypse drama?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]