Karen Gravano Calls Drita D’Avanzo A Lying ‘Green Screen Gangster,’ Tweets About Lee Again

The Mob Wives season finale episode showed Drita D’Avanzo finally confronting Karen Gravano, whom she accused of gossiping about her husband, Lee D’Avanzo. During a meeting in a restaurant, Karen, with Marissa Jade by her side, and Drita, with Brittany Fogarty by her side, almost came to blows when Drita stood up and flipped the table. Karen in turn lunged towards Drita. The women were prevented from actually really hurting one another by security, which left them hurling insults at one another from different parts of the restaurant.

The accusations and insults continued to fly as the episode aired on Wednesday night. In one tweet, Karen accused Drita of really being the one who talked about Lee and Marissa’s boyfriend, OZ. Karen tweeted that Drita was just fronting because she didn’t want to admit that she was the one talking about the men.

Previously, Marissa confronted Drita for spreading gossip about OZ and Lee. Marissa said that she had heard from “everybody” that Drita had been going around talking about how Lee made a phone call to OZ in which they talked about how the women should play nice with one another. Marissa was upset because OZ, who was on parole, could get in trouble if word got out that he was talking to another felon. Drita denied that her husband would do such a thing and maintained that she had never said anything. She immediately suspected it was Karen, whom she accused of being obsessed with Lee, who was behind it.

Lee actually dated Karen for years prior to his relationship with Drita. In a previous episode, Karen told Brittany that one time when she and Lee went to visit her father, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, in prison, her father, told Lee to step up and show him what kind of man he could be for his daughter. According to Karen, after Lee heard this, he ran away from the relationship. Karen then poked fun at Lee, saying that she “has a man who is twice the man that Lee could ever hope to be.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, as that episode aired, Karen tweeted that Lee had continued to visit her father when he was in the witness protection program.

On Wednesday night, Karen actually brought up Lee again. Karen pretty much accused Drita of having something against her because she doesn’t like the past that she has with Lee. Karen tweeted that Drita is just mad that Lee visited her father multiple times when he was in the witness protection program.

Karen Gravano also posted several tweets in which she accused Drita D’Avanzo of just playing tough for the camera.

In one scene, Drita during a phone call to Marissa to set up the meeting became so enraged that she looked as if she was about to explode. As Marissa stayed calm and quiet, Drita let out expletive after expletive as she bashed Karen, repeatedly calling her a rat, lashing out at Marissa for hanging out with Karen.

As the scene aired, Karen joked that the biggest green screen phone call goes to Drita.

Karen called Drita a “b***h” who was never relevant to the Mob lifestyle. She added that Drita was a “green screen ganster.”

“The only b***h trying to play gangster is the only b***h never relevant to this lifestyle the green screen gangster #MobWives.”

She taunted Drita to come get her.

Karen even poked fun at Drita’s recent physical attack on a woman over a parking spot. Karen implied that Drita wouldn’t have done anything without security in the room.

“B***h went to a girls house to fight over a parking spot but wants to wait till we are in a room with security to tell me I’m dead

???? ???? ????

Karen tweeted to Drita that she should have come out of the restaurant’s back room to do what she had threatened to do.

“You should of came out the back and leveled me b**ch @DritaDavanzo”

After several people asked Karen why she didn’t tell the security to leave, she tweeted that it was the network who hired them and that Drita should have told them to leave before she got there.

Drita tweeted her own accusations and insults. In one tweet, she claimed that her phone call to Marissa was edited to make it seem as if Marissa was calmly saying things back to her when she had really said nothing.

“Marrissa never said s**t on this call!!! Lol edited. Look at her phone….!!!!

A viewer posted a snapshot of Marissa holding her phone up to hear ear during the call. The photo seems to show Marissa’s phone on the home screen as she’s supposedly on the call with Drita.

While Karen thinks that Drita was just playing gangster for the camera, Drita believes that it’s Karen who’s trying to be tough. Drita pointed out that when she challenged Karen to a fight in the park, which viewers saw in an earlier episode, Karen backed down.

“Hahaaaaaaaaaa fight her???? I called u out at the park b**ch. U fell back scared rat”

Drita maintained that Karen was making things up about her husband.

“There’s no more talking when u making up s**t about my husband n talking s**t about me…get the f**k out of here.”

She also pointed out that Karen brought up Lee again.

When a viewer tweeted that Karen should worry about her own man, Drita agreed. Drita then tweeted that Karen is a “jealous c**t.”

Drita even made fun of Karen’s weight and posted a clip from the TV show TheSopranos that mentioned a Gravano being disloyal.

“#RollyPolly wobbly a**”

The Mob Wives season finale episode ended with the cast members, in short clips, giving updates on their lives some time after filming for the season ended. Both Karen Gravano and Drita D’Avanzo made clear that they did not make up and don’t ever plan on even being civil with one another. Will viewers see them clash again on the season 6 reunion show? As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Drita reportedly arrived to the reunion ready to fight and lunged towards Karen.

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