Bill O’Reilly Says It’s Insulting To Call Donald Trump Or His Supporters Nazis

The Donald Trump/Hitler comparisons are gaining traction, and Bill O’Reilly isn’t having it. He used his Talking Points Memo segment on Wednesday night to criticize those who are using the Nazi rhetoric.

“Some in the media are portraying Donald Trump and his supporters as 1930’s-type fascists,” O’Reilly angrily said to his viewers. He then played clips of media personalities, such as Matt Lauer, making the Hitler comparisons.

Bill O'Reilly Fox News
Bill O'Reilly thinks the Trump and Hitler comparisons are all part of a strategy. [Photo by Randy Holmes /Getty Images]

O’Reilly stated that the Hitler comparing is a tasteless strategy and that it’s not hard to understand why some Americans support Trump. He said that for the past seven years, Americans have witnessed intense verbal attacks on police officers, an open southern border where drugs and human smuggling continue, a stalled economy where workers have little bargaining power, growing terrorist threats, and a Democratic president who plays golf after he announces the beheading of an American citizen by ISIS.

Bill also said that many Americans are tired of a culture that demands political correctness even if it goes against sincerely held religious beliefs. O’Reilly appeared most annoyed when he said we have a press corps that embraces liberalism so much that it uses its Constitutional privilege to diminish non-liberals who speak their mind.

“An avenger named Trump has risen, promising to stop the madness and giving blunt voice to millions of angry Americans. The movement that Trump represents has nothing to do with fascism and everything to do with furious dissent.”

O’Reilly acknowledged that some bad people are trying to exploit Trump’s campaign to disguise their bigotry and that Donald Trump should do more to condemn that, as well as the tone of his own inflammatory rhetoric. Bill then had Fox News Contributor Bernard Goldberg talk about the situation.

“You know what: There are plenty of legitimate reasons to criticize Donald Trump. But to make comparisons to Hitler is beyond disgraceful,” Goldberg said to Mr. O’Reilly.

Goldberg noted how wrong it was for a college professor from Harvard to write to compare Trump’s rise to Hitler’s rise in the Washington Post. He also noted that Saturday Night Live, Bill Mahar, and Louis C.K. made the comparison as well. Goldberg then read excerpts from an article he had recently written.

“Building a wall to keep illegals out is not the same as rounding up Jews and sending them to the gas chamber. Promising to temporarily ban all Muslims from entering our country is wrongheaded, but it’s not the same as putting into place an efficient cold blooded apparatus to create a master race by eliminating a master race by eliminating everyone who doesn’t fit the description.”

Bernard then pleaded with the audience not to demean the memory of the millions of people that Hitler murdered for a cheap laugh or to stifle dissent. O’Reilly agreed, but indicated that many Americans don’t really understand what really happened in Germany and Italy and — to some extent — Spain during the 1930s.

Several on Twitter continue to speak out against the Hitler comparisons.

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