Ayesha Curry Trending But No One Knows Why

Ayesha Curry is the top trend via Twitter. However, no one really knows the reason. So, instead, there’s ongoing “Ayesha Curry” conversation among Twitter users.

If you’re on Twitter, you might have noticed that Ayesha is the number one trend on the social website. While nothing has been confirmed as a “key story,” many speculate that the Curry confetti video — after the Warriors/Lakers game — sparked Ayesha’s trending status.

The foundation of the “Ayesha Curry” trend is that she supports her husband, Stephen Curry, in his endeavors — win or lose. After that particular game, Lakers trolls took to Ayesha Curry’s Twitter with taunts and ridicule. However, she only offered those people a factual response.

Ayesha Curry’s response, of course, shows how the Warriors’ record greatly exceeds the Lakers’ 13-51 season, as reports New York Times. So, in a moment of quick wit, Ayesha shut down her haters with finesse.

Interestingly enough, Ayesha Curry’s husband has been awarded an extremely distinguishable acclaim from the National Basketball Association (NBA). As it turns out, Stephen Curry is the first player in NBA history to score 300 3-pointers in a single season.

Nonetheless, the funny thing about this “Ayesha Curry” trend is that Ayesha had no idea she was trending, at least not in this sense. Actually, she thinks it’s amusing — and for good reason. In response to Chrissy Teigen, Curry responded as follows.

All in all, Ayesha Curry promotes being a “good woman,” one that upholds herself with class. Likewise, she doesn’t promote so much “female independence.” As a wife, Ayesha Curry honors her position within the marriage.

For instance, Ayesha doesn’t consider it a burden to cook for Stephen Curry — rather, she enjoys and finds it a pleasure to cater to him in that regard.

Even though she also mentioned that they, instead, ordered take-out once they arrived, Ayesha Curry seems to be the re-emergence of social class among young women — as promoted by a celebrity, anyway. And, that’s part of the trending status as well. Several women have taken the stance: “I am an ‘Ayesha Curry’.”

As regards the aforementioned tweet, it’s not the fact that society is “not used to” that concept. It’s speculated that the current generation doesn’t know much about classiness, since all they know is “sex, drugs, and violence” — rather from television or reality.

Then too, technological convenience doesn’t make it less presentable. Twerk videos and half-dressed females are almost at every turn. It’s a quick way to gain “likes,” but it diminishes the idea of this generation of women, from a social aspect. And, for this generation — from a young celebrity standpoint — Ayesha Curry is like a breath of fresh air.

It’s a sad day for this culture when you trend for keeping clothes on your body. It says a lot about this country’s state of affairs. Is society really so numb to nudity that it’s excitable to see someone dressing appropriately?

Nevertheless, Ayesha Curry seems to be setting a renewed standard for the women of this generation. Although she still receives much backlash from haters who thrive off showing their bodies for attention, Mrs. Curry continues to set the pace for generations to come.

How do you feel about Ayesha Curry’s unwavering support for her husband? Do you agree or disagree with her stance on classiness and decency? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Image via Ayesha Curry/Twitter]