Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani’s Romance Is A ‘Miracle,’ According To Their ‘Voice’ Co-Star Pharrell Williams

Blake Shelton’s romance with Gwen Stefani started during a difficult period in their lives. In fact, both Shelton and Stefani went through heartbreaking divorces just last year. With their relationship flourishing during an unexpected time, one of their fellow co-judges on The Voice, Pharrell Williams, described it as a “miracle.”

In an interview with Us Magazine, Williams expressed his happiness for the couple, especially considering everything Shelton and Stefani went through last summer.

“It’s poppin’ off! It’s so beautiful, because being there, I watched both of them go through a lot, you know,” Williams shared. “You hate to see your friends go through something so heavy, and it’s kind of like a miracle, man — just watching that.”

Shelton was married to Miranda Lambert for four years until they decided to call it quits this past July. Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were together for 13 years before they divorced a month after Shelton and Lambert. While Shelton didn’t have any kids in his marriage, Stefani and Rossdale have three together.

Blake Shelton just can't resist Gwen Stefani.
Blake Shelton just can’t resist Gwen Stefani. [Image via Gwen Stefani/Twitter]

Miracle or not, Williams also revealed that he was caught off guard by their romance, which echoes what many thought at the beginning of Shelton’s heated affair with Stefani.

“I had no idea,” he stated. “And then Blake sends me a text message, and I’m like, ‘Whoa!'”

Carson Daly, the host of The Voice, also shared how shocked he was to discover the two dating. Even still, it was a pleasant surprise for Daly and everyone else working on the show.

“We were all like, ‘Whoa!'” he said. “None of us [knew], but we’re glad that it happened.”

Meanwhile, it’s been five months since Shelton and Stefani went public with their relationship, and they don’t appear to be slowing down by any stretch of the imagination. An inside source told Us Magazine that Stefani is “head over heels” and that their relationship is “definitely serious.”

Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Are In Love And Aren't Afraid To Show It — Their 5 Cutest Moments [Image via Twitter]
Blake and Gwen have not been shy about showing off their love. [Image via Instagram]

The idea that their relationship is entering new levels of commitment is not surprising. After all, the two have been spotted in public together on numerous occasions and have not been quiet about displaying their affection. Most recently, the two shared a weekend trip across the country together, which ended at a post-Oscars party in L.A.

Stefani wore a fabulous red Yanina Couture dress for the party and walked down the red carpet with Shelton at her side. Once inside, the source revealed that “they made out” and continued to show their affections throughout the night.

“They were dancing together and kissing against a wall,” the source added. “They’re completely infatuated.”

Although some have written off their relationship as simply puppy love, the insider revealed that Stefani is “in a good place” after her divorce. Apparently, she is more than serious about Shelton and their future together. Naturally, Blake Shelton feels the same.

Blake and Gwen first got close on the set of 'The Voice.' [Image via Instagram]
Blake and Gwen first got close on the set of ‘The Voice.’ [Image via Instagram]

However, just because the two are serious about their relationship doesn’t mean they’re getting ready to tie the knot, at least not yet. Although it looked like Stefani was wearing an engagement ring during her night after the Oscars, Gossip Cop is reporting to the contrary.

Apparently, the ring on Stefani’s left hand was not an engagement ring. Instead, it was just a part of her other jeweled accessories for the extravagant event. A rep for Stefani told the outlet that she is “not engaged” to Shelton at this time.

This news might disappoint many fans who can’t wait to see them get married. However, it doesn’t mean that wedding bells aren’t in their immediate future. Considering how their relationship is still going strong five months in, it wouldn’t be surprising if Shelton pops the big question sooner rather than later.

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