Blake Shelton Opens Up About New Love Gwen Stefani And How He Is Getting Her To Be ‘Uninhibited’

There’s no doubt that Blake Shelton’s relationship with Gwen Stefani is stronger than ever. While they might appear complete opposites on the surface, there’s actually a lot of things the two Voice stars have in common. It might come as a surprise to many fans, but this includes a passion for horses.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shelton confirmed that he had gifted Stefani a horse last month. Stefani had posted images of the pony Shelton bought her on Instagram. At the time, many speculated that Shelton was the one behind the gift, though he did not confirm these suspicions until now.

Gwen Stefani introduced her new horse via Instagram.
Gwen Stefani introduced her new horse via Instagram.

“I got her a horse and I got myself a horse at the same time,” Shelton revealed in the interview. “Gwen, she loves riding and she loves horses. It’s actually so funny that people are so shocked by that, but if you can name me one girl on the planet that doesn’t love horses or just think that they are beautiful…”

The revelation that Stefani loves horses isn’t the only change the singer has gone through since dating Shelton. According to Hollywood Life, Shelton has also broadened her horizons when it comes to the couple’s sex life.

“Blake is very passionate, very uninhibited. He’s suggested some crazy things, like having sex outside. Gwen has to guard her privacy carefully so that would be a hard one for her, but he’s loosened her up a lot. So who knows, maybe next time they go to Oklahoma he’ll get his wish.”

This may or may not come as a surprise to fans, especially considering how the two have not been afraid to show off their love for each other in public. According to Us Magazine, this includes their attendance at RaeLynn Woodward’s wedding this past weekend, where the two were spotted displaying their affection.

Raelynn posted a photo with Blake and Gwen from her wedding. [Image via Instagram]
Raelynn posted a photo with Blake and Gwen from her wedding. [Image via Instagram]
Soon after the wedding celebrations, the couple flew back to L.A. in time for Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton to make their first appearance on the red carpet during the 2016 Academy Awards. While Shelton kept to his usual casual look, Stefani rocked a sexy red dress that stunned everyone in attendance, including Shelton.

Meanwhile, the country star is currently getting ready for the new season of The Voice, which will not include Stefani as a judge. Although fans won’t see Stefani and Shelton in action together every week, Stefani will make a few appearances on the show. In fact, Shelton recently revealed that Stefani would appear in the new season as his team’s mentor.

Since going public, Blake and Gwen often show off their budding romance on social media. [Image via Instagram]
Since going public, Blake and Gwen often show off their budding romance on social media. [Image via Instagram]
With that in mind, Shelton went on to explain why he picked Stefani to be his mentor in the upcoming season of The Voice. In particular, Shelton cited Stefani’s previous experience on the show and in the music industry as one reason he made the decision.

“I mean, talk about a legendary musical icon,” he continued. “And somebody who has been a coach on the show, you know? So nobody knows the ins and outs when it comes to mentoring like Gwen does. She has been there for a couple of seasons. She has made it to the finale and so she knows how to talk to these people, what they need to know, you know. And it was the easiest ask ever.”

For her part, Stefani did not hesitate in agreeing to Shelton’s request. For fans, this means that more on-screen romance is ahead for Shelton and Stefani, though it might not reach the heights of last season’s display.

The new season of The Voice is currently airing on Monday and Tuesdays nights on NBC.

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[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty]