March 11, 2017
Nate Diaz Gives Justin Bieber A Warning On Instagram--UFC Fighter Tells The 'Sorry' Singer To 'Shut His B***h A** Up'

UFC Champ Nate Diaz issued a stern warning to pop singer Justin Bieber after he trashed him on social media. In the Instagram post, the "Sorry" singer called Diaz's fighting style "terrible" and claimed that Conor McGregor was the actual winner of the fight. Of course, that didn't go over well with Nate because he issued a warning of sorts to Bieber right after he read Bieber's posts.

Justin wrote, "No bandwagon but Conor is a real champion, fights with style and finesse, all the respect to Nate but his style is terrible. Nate has crazy heart respect." He claimed that he wasn't disrespecting Diaz; however, he tried to discount his win, which didn't go over well with Nate.

Diaz responded in an epic way. He shared a cartoon of him giving Bieber the smack down and telling him to stop talking about him. He captioned the image "Bieber's a hater."

Bieber, 22, was seen celebrating with Conor McGregor (and other high profile friends). They appeared to be drinking Irish Whiskey and wanted to let McGregor know that even though he technically lost the fight, he was still a champ in his eyes. He clinked his glass and taunted that Conor was still the champ. The post fetched over a million likes and thousands of comments. Obviously, the comment bothered Diaz as he responded pretty quickly.

Nate, 30, met some opposition in the comments of his post, too. His followers called him a drama queen and told him to deal with someone else having an opinion about his fighting skills. Another commenter noted that Justin wouldn't give him a second thought and could care less about his ridiculous post. Ouch!

According to Nate's Instagram, he got back to his rigorous training schedule today, only two days after his upsetting win against Conor McGregor at UFC 196 in Las Vegas--sparing with Chris Avila. Nate explained that he doesn't take time off from work because he never knows when he will be called to fight.
"I must be fight ready, at all time. Often, the (sic) UFC calls me when someone else cannot compete. There is no slacking off, or taking any time off."
Justin is a martial arts and boxing super fan and has been seen supporting his good friend Floyd Mayweather on multiple occasions. It seems not only is he friends with the retired boxer, but he's getting chummy with the featherweight UFC champ, McGregor.Apparently, Justin's series of pictures detailing why Conor is still champ didn't go over well with Nate. He issued Bieber a warning to shut his mouth, and it looks like it worked like a charm. The "Sorry" singer hasn't posted anything else about Diaz; he took the warning and took it seriously. Think about it, if you were Justin, wouldn't you? No one wants to be summoned to meet Diaz in Octagon for a pow wow of sorts. In fact, by all accounts, UFC fans have stated that Bieber's decision to back off was probably a wise choice because there are too many folks that would pay big money to see Nate destroy the pop singer in a matchup. (Maybe, Dana White should take notice and make it happen?)
It seems the beef between UFC fighter Nate Diaz and Justin Bieber has been squashed--at least for now. Do you think Justin meant any disrespect to Diaz's win against Conor McGregor during UFC 196? Don't forget to come back to The Inquistr for more UFC news and updates.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]