Zayn Malik Gets Protective About Perrie Edwards? Over With Gigi Hadid?

Zayn Malik has just released the tracklist of his new album, Mind of Mine, and he's going around with one of the hottest supermodels -- Gigi Hadid. He should be a happy man, but it seems like he is still hung up on his relationship with Perrie Edwards, as is she (if cryptic Instagram posts are to be believed).

The rumors of Zayn being protective about ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards emerged after he sent Louis Tomlinson a sarcastic message after Louis was seen hanging out with Perrie Edwards, the Daily Mail explained. It's been reported that Zayn and Louis have cut all ties with each other.

"Zayn sent Louis a sarcastic message the day after the BRITs saying: 'Thanks for the loyalty' and asked him to leave Perrie alone," a secret source spilled, according to Sugarscape.

However, it's been reported that Perrie has always been great friends with Louis, and Louis has made it clear that he doesn't owe Zayn a thing.
"Louis and Perrie have always been good friends, and she's been a good support to him. Louis had made it clear that he's got no intention of cutting her out of his life."
As the rumors of Zayn asking Louis to stay away from Perrie have surfaced, there are reports that say things are not exactly going right with his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid.
The two are pretty busy with their own careers and post work-related pictures day in and day out. Gigi is in France and is flying high as a model, the Inquisitr reported. Zayn, on the other hand, is busy with his new album, Mind of Mine, which is slated for release soon. He even posted a track listing of the album on Instagram.

The couple were seen together on March 1 in Milan holding hands, the Inquisitr reported. Reports have said that the two were seen together almost after a month. However, the couple seemed pretty much in love and held each other tenderly. However, the two are back to work now and are spending time apart.

As the time for the release of his new album nears, Zayn Malik would also get busy. He reportedly said that he wrote most of the songs when he was still with Perrie. Will all those memories come rushing back when the album goes public? Will it make Zayn and Gigi uncomfortable? Could that just be the last straw?

It has been reported that Gigi is also worried about Zayn Malik taking off for a tour very soon.

"Gigi would never say anything to Zayn, but she is secretly starting to stress out over his upcoming tour," an insider told Hollywood Life. "She obviously knows his past and knows that thousands of beautiful girls will be throwing themselves at him when he hits the road. Who wouldn't be worried?"

However, the sources say that although Gigi trusts him and knows he is not going to do anything to hurt her, she can't get over her fears.

"The good thing is that Zayn totally dotes on her and makes her feel like a princess," the source told Hollywood Life. "She knows she has nothing to worry about, but at the same time she can't help but feel a little anxious over having a long distance relationship once he kicks off his tour."

As Gigi worries about him cheating on her, he keeps her under strict watch, OK! reported. The source says that Zayn "wants her to be back in her hotel room by midnight when they're apart." However, he himself has been spotted leaving a Warwick club really late in the night.

Do you think Zayn Malik and Gigi may split because of Perrie Edwards?

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