Michigan & Mississippi Primary Election 2016 Live Results: Up-To-Date Results For All March 8 Races

The Michigan and Mississippi primaries are here, and those who want to follow live results of the Democratic and Republican races for all the March 8 contests will have plenty of options to get up-to-date totals online.

On Tuesday, voters will go to the polls in Michigan and Mississippi to cast their ballot for Republican and Democratic candidates, while Republican voters will also turn out in Hawaii and Idaho. It represents what could be the most important day of the campaign to date, with Hillary Clinton possibly closing the door on a comeback bid by Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump trying to maintain his lead in the face of growing GOP opposition.

[Live video of the Michigan and Mississippi election results can be found below.]

As NBC News noted, there is a lot at stake on Tuesday, with 150 Republican delegates and 188 Democratic delegates up for grabs. The biggest and most important state of the day will be Michigan, where Bernie Sanders is in desperate need of a win to blunt Clinton’s momentum. While Sanders has won a series of states, including Maine, this weekend, his wins have mostly been relegated to smaller states while Clinton has racked up larger margins across the south.

With Sanders seemingly unable to cut into Clinton’s lead in the southern states, he will need a strong showing in Michigan to show he can be competitive in other larger states to keep pace.

It may be an uphill climb, as a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist poll found that Clinton holds a large lead in Michigan.

“In the Democratic contest, Clinton leads Sanders among likely primary voters by 17 points, 57 percent to 40 percent. But the race is closer among the larger potential Democratic electorate — Clinton at 52 percent and Sanders at 44 percent,” the report noted.

Those who follow live results of the Michigan primary may see if Bernie Sanders campaign can emphasize the second number, bringing in the young voters who heavily favor the Vermont Senator but who are less likely to actually turn out to vote.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump has the support of 41 percent of likely Michigan voters, nearly doubling up Ted Cruz at 22 percent, and far ahead of Marco Rubio at 17 percent.

The race will be a test to see if Donald Trump has been affected by the most blistering attacks yet on his candidacy. Trump has long been the target of his fellow candidates, but now GOP insiders have joined in on what is an attempt to knock off his campaign.

It could be having an effect, the New York Times found.

“Weeks of attacks from his opponents and ‘super PACs’ are taking a toll on Donald J. Trump’s popularity, according to a new ABC News/Washington Post poll that shows his Republican rivals slowly gaining on him.

“The national survey finds that 34 percent of Republican voters hope Mr. Trump wins the party’s nomination, while 25 percent back Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, 18 percent support Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and 13 percent are pulling for Gov. John Kasich of Ohio. The poll’s margin of error is plus or minus six percentage points.”

There are differing reports, however, with Fortune noting that Romney’s opposition may have actually helped Donald Trump.

“Media and polling site Morning Consult has found that 31% of GOP voters were actually more likely to support Trump after Romney’s speech. Only 20% said they were less likely and 43% said there was no impact,” Fortune noted.

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