Amy Schumer Calls Out Chris Harrison For Calling Jubilee ‘Complicated’ on ‘The Bachelor: Women Tell All’

Amy Schumer is definitely Team Jubilee. The popular comedian had a major reaction to Bachelor host Chris Harrison’s chat with ousted contestant Jubilee Sharpe during the show’s Women Tell All special. After Jubilee described herself as having a complicated past, Harrison jumped on the keyword “complicated” and told the Haitian beauty that she can’t control certain things about herself.

“I know you can’t control how complicated you are…You might be complicated, and I know you stir the pot sometimes, but I hope you realize you’re a pretty special woman, and I really appreciate you coming here and opening up the way you did.”

While Harrison probably meant his comment to be a compliment, Amy Schumer didn’t see it that way. After Jubilee’s chat with Harrison, the funnywoman took to Twitter to call out the longtime Bachelor host for faulting Jubilee for being “complicated” and for “stirring the pot sometimes.”

Amy Schumer’s comments came after Jubilee told Chris Harrison that she hadn’t planned on telling Bachelor star Ben Higgins her whole life story during their one-on-one date. After Ben told her he wanted his future wife to be totally open and honest with him, Sharpe opened up about her “complicated” life story and the fact that she was born in Haiti and lived in an orphanage after everyone in her family died.

“I never planned on telling Ben my whole story. So we were at dinner and he told me he needs his future wife to be open and honest and in those five split seconds I had to decide whether to tell Ben my story. And in that moment I decided he was worth it. It was really hard to get through but after I told it, it became easier. It’s about repetition. And each time I tell my story it just becomes easier to tell and I think I needed that.”

Amy Schumer also gave the war veteran some major props for where she is now in life and pointed out that this strong lady’s worth has nothing to do with the fact that some guy did or didn’t like her.

“I’m still in the military. A lot of people didn’t know this. I did my 4 and a half years active, and now I’m in the Reserves. And, um, I just made Sergeant.”

After Amy Schumer’s tweet attack, Chris Harrison responded that he’s “82 percent sure” he supported the fact that Jubilee is a strong woman. Schumer then issued the Bachelor host an invite to chat about it — and Harrison said he would bring the wine. Let’s hope ABC brings their cameras for this post-show chitchat, because it already sounds like must-see TV.

Amy Schumer made it clear to Harrison that she still loves him, but that she wanted to clarify her point for any “brainwashed gals thinking they need to be uncomplicated to be loveable.”

Amy Schumer’s defense of Jubilee — or any other Bachelor contestants — is not surprising. Schumer is a friend of The Bachelor franchise. The vocal comedian is a self-described “huge fan” of the long-running reality dating series, and she even appeared on Kaitlin Bristowe’s season of The Bachelorette last year, where she called one of Bristowe’s romantic hopefuls a “turd.”

And Schumer even has aspirations to be a star on the show herself. Last year, Amy told E! News that she’d sign on as The Bachelorette if ABC would agree to a couple of conditions: A new casting process, more honesty, and a boatload of money.

While we wait for Amy Schumer to get signed, take a look at the video below to see Jubilee Sharpe talking about being the next star of The Bachelorette.

[Photo By Christopher Polk/Getty Images for The Critics’ Choice Awards]