Kim Kardashian’s Video Game Pays Off Kanye’s Debt

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are still a team, even amid divorce rumors. Although Kanye might have taken it upon himself to seek help, it seems Kim has his back “for better or for worse.”

If you recall, Kanye West took to Twitter in an effort to acquire assistance with his $53 million debt. As reports CNN, Kanye even mustered up the courage to ask Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg for a $1 billion investment.

Well, although Kanye has been stressing over the situation, it appears that wifey Kim Kardashian had a plan in mind. Via Twitter, Kim indirectly noted that she might have paid off her husband’s large debt — and possibly with ease.

The “party” to which Kim Kardashian alluded was her nude photo being shamed by other celebrities.

The aforementioned tweet was just her introduction. Nevertheless, Forbes covered Kim Kardashian’s video game in 2014. Even then, the news source expected her potential gain to exceed $80 million.

According to the report, her game — Kim Kardashian: Hollywood — was developed by Glu Mobile. When Kim’s game was first released, the company set it as a “free to play” download. However, the report states that — even so — Kim Kardashian: Hollywood made the company $200 million, as a “free to play.”

To further solidify Kim’s statement, TMZ had mentioned that Kim Kardashian’s video game contract stipulated that she receive 45 percent of the game’s net profits. So the numbers seem probable. Yet, since then, the game has still grown exponentially in its fanbase.

According to Forbes‘ report, after the Kim Kardashian’s game release, Glu Mobile’s company stock rose 42 percent. Company CEO Niccolo de Masi quoted as follows.

“It might be our biggest game of the year We’re not surprised. Kim is a one-of-a-kind talent with an incredibly precise fit to the game engine that we tailored but already had in the company.”

Interestingly enough, Bloomberg covered more of the story during Kardashian’s game release. According the source’s report, although Kim’s app was “free to play,” the essential idea focused on getting users to make in-game purchases. Verbatim, the source quotes as follows.

“Users can spend as much as $99.99 for 175,000 virtual dollars. A trip to Beverly Hills costs 4 game ‘dollars’, while 400 will buy a necklace.”

The source mentioned that the game basically took on a “life of its own” after the release. Given the fact that young users desired to emulate Kim Kardashian, this video game was their chance to partially make their fantasies more real.

Likewise, with every download — aside from her agreed-upon income — Kim Kardashian acquired more publicity for her brand. If you have played Kardashian’s app, you’ll know that it’s also been deemed “addictive.”

One journalist from Jezebel noted the nearly $500 she had spent on the game. She mentioned to Bloomberg that she had started playing the app and quickly became stuck in the life of Kim Kardashian.

The allure of the game is that users get to pretend to be an A-list Hollywood celebrity, and Kardashian guides you through the dos and don’ts of the industry. In a sense, Kim Kardashian’s game gives an open window to her real-world responses to daily situations.

If nothing at all, this game gets Kim Kardashian tons of publicity, and Bloomberg mentions that all publicity is good publicity.

If you keep up with Kim Kardashian’s social media accounts, you know that she sometimes posts controversial updates and photos. The most recent one came from Kardashian’s Instagram, where she posted a nude photo of herself, censored. More of that story was covered by The Inquisitr.

One thing’s for sure, Kim Kardashian spared no shade in her responses today.

All in all, what are your thoughts about Kardashian’s tweet? Do you think she really paid off Kanye’s $53 million debt? Or was Kim just being clever with her naysayers? Feel free to share your comments below.

[Image via Instagram]