June 29, 2017
Kanye West Twitter: 'Why Do People Not Want Me To Be Me?' — Understanding Kanye

Kanye West's Twitter has been ground zero for much of the media's West family headlines. It's obvious that people have a problem with Kanye's personality, but why should he change it?

Unfortunately, Kanye West always finds himself with head and arms sticking through the public pillory of Twitter. While West is known to make abnormal statements regularly, that's his personality due to the non-societal way he thinks.

As much as people want to believe that Kanye West is no longer human, North and Saint West's father is still incredibly integral to humanity — if not to anyone else, assuredly to his family.

And, along with being human, there comes certain emotions. Kanye West tends to excel at expressing them. However, when he does, it's "to the pillory" with him, and public ridicule is the call of the day.

Although society promotes that you should be yourself at all costs, why does it also — simultaneously — attempt to dictate when and how a person can be him or herself? Kanye West's critics possibly campaign against cyber-bullying, yet have a bias outlook on the Life of Pablo rapper. Anyone who is constantly put under so much scrutiny begins to question "why"?

Via Twitter, Kanye asked, "Why do people not want me to be me?" Immediately after, West added that he wants everyone to be the best possible versions of themselves. Likewise, he wants to be the best version of Kanye West he deems fit. That's plausible, right?

Kanye West's focus is on positivism when it comes to his future. Is that not what everyone wants? A positive life? So, why the constant ridicule — regardless of what Kanye tweets, whether positive or negative?

In a recent interview, Kanye mentioned that news media sources love to take the "low-hanging fruit" when it comes to celebrity topics — forsaking past, present, or future accomplishments and endeavors. When something happens or a statement is taken out of context, the media likes to keep it in the public's view. Unfortunately, this contributes to the people's perception of Kanye West as well, even if his words make total sense.

If you would like to view Kanye West's interview, watch the video below.

According to The Verge, Kanye West's haters have constantly been on the attack since his 2009 MTV Awards interruption. And if you think back before then, the only other time Kanye West was viewed "in a slant" was when he said, "George Bush does not care about black people," on live television. Since those moments, as The Verge mentioned, there's been a systematic movement in place to undermine and defame Kanye West. In verbatim, the source states as follows.
"Let's not forget what started the Kanye West hate train: it was at the 2009 MTV VMAs that West took the mic from Taylor Swift, who was quickly becoming America's favorite white girl, to proclaim she didn't deserve the MTV Video Music Award for Best Female Video over Beyoncé. Then West fell in love with Kim Kardashian, America's most hated white woman, which only compounded the already palpable hate toward both of them."
Yet, to digress, some commentary uploaded to his interview video shows that there are people who understand exactly what Kanye speaks. They state that his comments are "revolutionary" and articulate. Then, there are several who say that West is "full of s**t" and should be institutionalized for his ideas and outspokenness. Hopefully, these particular commentators would feel the same about Donald Trump, if that's the case.

Interestingly enough, to further digress, Kanye West's critics want him to change his personality, but — for the most part — they have nothing to say about Kanye's in-law, now Caitlyn Jenner.

How can these critics be "choosy" about who can be themselves? If Kanye West is arrogant, okay. There are several other A-list celebrities who are equally — if not overwhelmingly more — arrogant.

In 2013, Bossip created a list of nine celebrities who were "the most arrogant on the planet." Unfortunately, only two weren't of African-American status. And, of course, Kanye West was in the mix. So, Donald Trump isn't arrogant? He's certainly been making his point clear for years, long before his presidential campaign. What about Colin Farrell? He's surely had his arrogant outs with paparazzi, right?

Nevertheless, as The Verge mentions, Kanye West's attack is more than meets the eye. So, if he looks and acts crazy, he possibly has a good reason. You might look and act crazy too if every headline about you praises your downfall, even though you're still on top.

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