Taylor Kinney And Lady Gaga Smooch It Up For Kiss Cam At Blackhawks Game [Video]

Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga got in the kiss cam spirit at the Chicago Blackhawks game over the weekend.

Kinney did not seem to mind at all as Lady Gaga smooched him during the Blackhawks game, and it was all caught on the kiss cam. Taylor and his fiancée did not shy away from the PDA when the spotlight was on them. In fact, Gaga looked more than happy to be smooching all over her man, and who can blame her? Seriously, who wouldn’t want to kiss Taylor Kinney all over?

Taylor and Lady Gaga ended their busy and charitable weekend by watching a hockey game. If you have ever been to any kind of sport event, you know half the fun is catching people on the kiss cam. When the camera pointed to Kinney and his lady love, she wasted no time showering him with kisses. It is completely adorable and also a tiny glimpse into what life is like for Taylor and Lady Gaga.

After receiving a kiss from his future wife on the kiss cam, Taylor took time to wave to all the fans at the Blackhawks vs Detroit Red Wings game. Kinney also sported a pretty big grin after he got smooched.

Before hitting up the game, Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga took the plunge for charity. Kinney and his fiancée both participated in the 16th Annual Polar Plunge in support of the Special Olympics earlier in the day. This was the second year in a row that Taylor and Lady Gaga braved the frigid waters of Lake Michigan for charity. She later took to social media to comment on what being part of the charity meant to her and Taylor.

“We love the city of Chicago and the Polar Plunge for The Special Olympics. These men and women are brave and powerful. Me and Taylor love getting cold in your honor every year.”


It has been a whirlwind few weeks for Kinney and the American Horror Story actress. Taylor has been in full fiancé support mode, as he stood by Lady Gaga’s side throughout awards season. Not only was Kinney there when she took home a Golden Globe, but he was there to give her a kiss before her powerful Oscars performance.

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney got engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2015 after a couple of years of dating. Although Kinney and Gaga are often photographed together looking very happy, there has been no official word on a wedding date. However, that does not mean that Taylor and the “Born This Way” singer have not set a date. The Chicago Fire star told People magazine last fall that they would like to keep the date a surprise. Along with admitting the day would be kept on the down low, Kinney also shared that they would not elope, nope, his future wife wants a big wedding. Can you imagine what kind of gorgeous and lavish affair that is going to be?


Kinney and Gaga were all smiles as the two of them smooched it up on the kiss cam over the weekend. This is one couple that is not shy about showing how much they love to have kissy time. Taylor is often photographed, like at a Golden Globes after party for example, planting a kiss or two on his woman. He does it in a loving way, too, not a get a room kind of way.

The love bug has certainly bitten Taylor Kinney and Lady Gaga, and neither one of them is afraid to show it. What do you think about this kiss cam couple?

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Staff/Getty Images]