#Hashtags4Bernie: Bernie Sanders Supporters From All Walks Of Life Create Social Media Hashtags

The Internet hashtags have been very good to Bernie Sanders, all politics aside. It seems as though every time Bernie Sanders does anything uncharacteristic of traditional politicians, Bernie Sanders gains a new hashtag of glory.

Though Bernie Sanders is Jewish, he could boast the hashtag #Catholics4Bernie, if he chose to. Bernie Sanders once called the Pope a socialist and praised the Pope, saying that the leader of the Church “believes that in democratic societies, government itself should play a very strong role in protecting the most vulnerable people amongst us,” according to a Washington Post article. The hashtag was used after a priest in Washington D.C., who is also a senior analyst for the National Catholic Reporter and an author of Inside the Vatican, wrote an article making sure everyone knew that it’s OK for Catholics to vote for Bernie.

The priest writes that, despite Bernie Sanders’ stance on abortion, “Catholic doctrine says that wealth exists to be shared; private property is under a social mortgage for the common good; workers must be paid a living wage; health care is a human right, and we must be on the side of the poor first.” He calls them non-negotiable issues for Catholics and says that “Sanders’ commitment to the poor blows away any GOP candidate in this regard.”

Catholics aren’t the only Christians supporting Bernie on social media. There are tweets from Mormons supporting Bernie Sanders run for the White House.

#FeelTheBern #Mormons4Bernie pic.twitter.com/mBmvI11RPX

— Brek Halgren (@BrekerT) February 16, 2016

Of course, you will also find tweets and posts tagged with the hashtag #Atheists4Bernie.

There is a hashtag for Buddhists that support Sanders. One post that includes the hashtag #Buddhists4Bernie correlates the teachings of the Dalai Lama with Bernie Sanders’ outlook on socialism and income inequality. His Holiness pointed out during an interview that while he was in Washington D.C., surrounded by riches, he saw pockets of poor people. He related how he told a wealthy family that if they wanted blessings in their life, they would use their wealth to help pay for the education and care of people who can’t afford it.

The Dalai Lama – Capitalism, Socialism, and Income Inequality https://t.co/o2oPHLdBH3 via @YouTube #Buddhists4Bernie

— Berniebot (@reikimama001) March 7, 2016

Some nurses have been using the hashtag #Nurses4Bernie, and saying that Bernie Sanders represents nurses’ values.

Obviously, there is a hashtag for Millennials to use on social media. Less obviously, while senior citizens have not supported Sanders as significantly as the younger crowd, #Boomers4Bernie is also growing on social media.

There are also hashtags representing feminists and women for Bernie Sanders.

Veterans have shown strong social media support for Bernie Sanders using the hashtag #Veterans4Bernie, among others.

Though some media reports say that republicans are voting for Bernie in the primaries to make sure they can win in November, given that Bernie easily trumps Trump in polls and the former-GOP Bernie supporters say they are sick of party politics, most #GOP4Bernie tweets are believed to be sincere. Yes, there really are Republicans for Bernie who have re-registered as Democrats to vote for Bernie Sanders in their primaries and caucuses and intend to vote for him again in November.

Bernie Sanders is represented on social media by #Pagans4Bernie, #Vegans4Bernie, #Stoners4Bernie, #Doctors4Bernie, #Artists4Bernie, #Unions4Bernie, #Musicians4Bernie, #Workers4Bernie, and #Independents4Bernie.

You can also find people hashtagging for Bernie all around the globe. There are the tags #Canadians4Bernie, #Scotland4Bernie, and well, you get the idea. Someone tweets “#FeelTheBern,” a hashtag created by former Occupy Wall Street activist Winnie Wong and a group of core organizers, 697 times each hour, according to RiteTag. Every two minutes someone tweets “#BernieOrBust.”

What was the most surprising hashtag “4Bernie” that you have seen on social media?

[Image via Sanders | adapted]