October 27, 2016
‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans Denies Drug Withdrawal

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has shared her medical troubles over the past couple of weeks. She hasn't been completely honest about her struggles, but she has revealed that she has gone to various doctors to get some answers. And it sounds like she may have gotten her answer, even though she may not like it.

According to a new Daily Mail report, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is now getting the medical help she's looked for, and it sounds like the problem is a combination of two things. Evans has been experiencing night sweats, anxiety, hot flashes, pelvic pain, backaches, and headaches. While she's been getting tested on and off for the past six weeks, Evans now has an answer thanks to her appearance on The Doctors.

The doctors on the show revealed that she was experiencing her troubles both from her new birth control pills and withdrawal symptoms from marijuana. She claims she stopped smoking in December, because she wanted to prove that she was capable of taking care of her son, Jace. She's currently caught up in a custody battle with her mother.

"The reason why I stopped is I'm taking my own mother to court to get custody of my son back," Jenelle revealed of her drug use. She has previously revealed to spending $2,800 a week on drugs when she opened up about battling a heroin addiction, according to Daily Mail.

"I thought I was getting sick at first with a pretty bad cold or flu because I was getting night sweats," Evans revealed, adding that she also experienced night terrors and insomnia, as well as the anxiety and pelvic pain. "I'll wake up in the middle of the night, my legs will be throbbing like someone is hammering my knee caps. Everything kept building up and building up and I was like, I need to get help," she explained.

Many people have speculated what could be wrong, and some people did guess that her health problems could have something to do with the way she's treated her body in the past. She's been addicted to drugs, including heroin, but she claims to have been sober for years. But that isn't the case, as she admitted on the show.

"In this case, there's in fact two sets of substances that are going on. One that's been added, another one that has been taken away," Dr Joseph Pinzone said of Jenelle's troubles.

"The simplest thing to do is to stop the pill. And when you stop the pill you'll let the levels come back to normal. Part of the problem that you had in the past, when they checked the estrogen levels, when you're on the pill, it artificially lowers your own endogenous estrogen hormones so you're really measuring the birth control pill, so it really led you down the wrong path," Dr. Weiss said as a solution for Jenelle.

And it is definitely interesting that the doctors are pointing to her former drug use as one of the reasons. Evans has often denied doing drugs, but when she visited The Doctors, she revealed that she had only been sober for about 2 months. It is interesting that she's downplaying this drug use, and when confronted on Twitter, she tried to shift the focus back to her birth control.

"Why does everyone keep saying this? its from my birth control... And I'm off of it and still don't feel good," Jenelle Evans revealed, adding, "Same symptoms and still trying to get answers actually. Withdrawals don't happen for 4 months lmao."

What do you think of Jenelle Evans' reaction on Twitter? Why do you think she's downplaying her drug use?

[Image via Instagram]