'General Hospital' Spoilers: Lulu And Dante Reconnect, Tracy's Health Raises Questions, And Sam Questions Baxter

There is a big week of episodes on the way for fans of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that there will be more related to Sonny, Carly, and Morgan, but there is a lot of action on the way related to others in Port Charles, as well. Lulu and Dante are reconsidering their relationship while Tracy's health issues prompt questions, Hayden's past continues to shake things up, Helena's will is read, and the reason for Dr. Munro's interest in Anna is revealed.

As viewers saw on Friday's show, Lulu and Dante both were hit hard by getting their finalized divorce papers in the mail. After the incident at the pier, it looked like a reconciliation might be on the way, but both are having trouble reaching out to the other. General Hospital spoilers tease that during Monday's show, progress may be made.

We Love Soaps shares that Lulu will make a declaration to Dante, and General Hospital spoilers note that whatever she says will give him reason to hope they can patch things up. It has remained obvious that Lulu and Dante both still love one another deeply, and fans hope that with this conversation, they can work toward a full reunion at last.

Monday's show also brings more with Sonny and Carly as they struggle with the state of their relationship after the lies he has told and the stress they are working through concerning Morgan. General Hospital spoilers indicate that the two will have to face some complicated questions as they try to figure out how to move forward after all that has happened lately.

Tracy has been in the hospital as doctors work to determine what is causing her seizures, and initially she was told she had some lesions on her brain. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that there may well be more to this situation, just as many fans have suspected. It seems that Dr. Munro will be perplexed by some of her test results, and she will be anxious for some MRI results that may not give the answers she was expecting.

Sam has been digging into Hayden's past, and she will be meeting with Baxter Corbin during Monday's show. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that she may hit a bit of a wall when he starts dancing around her questions. As the week continues, it seems that Nikolas will be reconsidering his trust issues regarding his new wife, while Sam starts making some progress toward revealing the truth.

Viewers have seen that Dr. Griffin Munro has an intense interest in Anna, but so far the truth about his reasons have not been revealed. Fans have a hunch that he may turn out to be Anna and Duke's child in a soap opera-style twist, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that answers will come on Friday's show.

Anna has been keeping secrets, and General Hospital spoilers via Soap Central indicate that she will be coming clean on one front. She will talk with Sonny about Carlos, sharing with him that Rivera is still alive. Fans were left hanging on the Carlos and Sabrina front a while back, given actress Teresa Castillo's maternity leave, and it sounds like it may be time for this storyline to heat up again. GH spoilers tease that Michael will become suspicious that Sabrina is covering something up and Sonny breaks some tough news to his son during Thursday's show, certainly related to Sabrina and Carlos.

This week finally brings the reading of Helena's will. General Hospital spoilers detail that this will play out during Friday's episode, and the Cassadine matriarch will manage to shake things up for many in Port Charles, even from beyond the grave. There has been some buzz that a surprise Cassadine may pop up in the midst of this all, but viewers will have to stay tuned to find out if that is true. It has been teased that this Cassadine will end up sparking a new adventure of some sort for Laura, and viewers are anxious to see where this heads.

Also ahead this week, Nathan will come clean with Maxie regarding Claudette. Maxie told him she trusted him and didn't care, but it's been clear to viewers that there is something significant here to be revealed. Will this shake up "Naxie" or end up being no big deal?

Fans will also see a bit more regarding Jason this week as well, as General Hospital spoilers detail that he will have a flash of a memory related to Lila. It seems that Jason and Carly will have some intense and emotional talks about his past, and he will be determined to reclaim his life. Viewers will see some emotional moments related to Monica and Jason this week too.

What does Helena's will have in it that shakes up Port Charles? What is Dr. Munro's interest in Anna? Viewers will not want to miss a minute of the action as it all plays out this week on General Hospital.

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