Kim Fields’ Husband Christopher Morgan Speaks Out On Gay Rumors

Kim Fields was furious when she learned that Kenya Moore was spreading rumors about her husband on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Fields wasn’t present during the conversation, but she heard about the rumors later on about how Kenya had mocked the entire rumor and had made fun of Kim’s husband. Moore had also said that many people in the industry mocked Christopher Morgan’s sexuality. This infuriated Fields when she heard the rumors, but her husband managed to calm her down.

According to a new Bravo report, Kim Fields’ husband is now speaking out about the gay rumors. Fields herself has been very vague about how she feels. She has said that she was furious about the story Kenya was telling, but Fields is now letting her husband share his thoughts. And as it turns out, he knew that rumors were being spread about him.

“I felt immediately it was going to be important for me, at some time, to set the record straight that she had fabricated the entire conversation. There is no one in the industry that calls me anything other than my name, especially to my face,” Chris told E! News, according to Bravo. “Kimmy and I weren’t together in the Living Single days. So, she had to stretch pretty far to get that.”

Kim Fields starred on Living Single, which was a show that ran from 1993 to 1998, and Kenya claimed she knew Kim from back then. Fields hasn’t responded to the rumors that Kenya started, but her husband admits that people were spreading rumors about him because he was so secretive of his marriage.

“Now, I understand, I’m a Broadway performer without a real name, as far as Hollywood goes, and when Kim and I first got together, there was all kinds of speculation about me,” Christopher admitted, saying that he did remember rumors about him when he first got together.

Kim Fields added, “Was I a deadbeat? Was I broke? Was I a drug addict? Was I a homosexual? There were all kind of rumors about me because nobody knew who this guy was dating, and eventually marrying, Kim Fields. [Kenya] basically took that speculation, one aspect of it, and ran with it.”

Kim Fields’ husband admits that Moore has apologized to him about the whole thing. And he adds that she has apologized publicly, which he does appreciate. In addition, he reveals that he may be able to be friends with her down the line, but right now, he doesn’t have much room for her. But he doesn’t know if Kim feels the same way, as he understands why Fields would be very angry with her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star.

“I don’t know where my lady stands,” Chris said of Kim Fields, adding, “The bottom line with that is, I’ll be completely honest, if the shoe was on the other foot and somebody spread a rumor like that about my spouse, they don’t really get back on the Christmas list for a couple years.”

He points out that Kenya making that statement could be devastating to herself, as fans may be judging her for making such a comment without thinking of Kim and Chris. Of course, she laughed it off as if she wanted it to be a mean comment. But it sounds like it hasn’t had a bad effect on Kim Fields’ marriage.

“I think honestly from the situation, our relationship has grown closer. I believe we grow closer every day, but just having obstacles to go through—and this has definitely been a new set of obstacles—has given us the opportunity to talk about new thing[s] and grow as a couple,” Chris said of his marriage with Fields, adding, “So, as far as that, I’m grateful.”

What do you think of Kim Fields’ husband breaking his silence?

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