Alyssa Milano Dashes Hopes Of ‘Charmed’ Fans For Reboot, CBS Going With New Stars

The media flurry surrounding the Charmed reboot has been fast and furious, but Alyssa Milano, best known as Phoebe Halliwell, is throwing a flag on the play and yelling not so fast. Although all of the actresses who played the Halliwell sisters were up for the project, Alyssa Milano is now saying that CBS is finally on board. However, it might be with all new actresses playing the sisters Halliwell as Alyssa Milano, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, and Shannen Doherty have not been approached for the planned Charmed reboot.

Back in September, the Inquisitr shared the story that the Charmed reboot was in the planning stages, and the three surviving Halliwell sisters were on board. Milano, Combs, and McGowan all said they would jump at the chance to tie up some loose ends in a series of mini-movies.

The Mirror is reporting that Charmed star Alyssa Milano dropped a bombshell on fans via Twitter that the Charmed reboot was a go, but for now, it sounds like CBS will go with a new cast. Milano wanted Charmed fans to know that none of the very willing original cast has been asked to do the reboot, and that includes Shannen Doherty, even though her character, Pru, is dead.

“#Charmed fans! Nothing has been confirmed. CBS is developing a reboot without the original cast. That’s all I know for sure.”

Milano stressed that Charmed has the best fans ever, and without them, a Charmed reboot or reunion wouldn’t even be a consideration.

Zap2it says that Charmed fans were so excited when it seemed the reunion was a go, and they will now be crushed and likely bombard CBS with requests that they rethink their position and get the original cast on board for the reboot. Fans believe that Charmed is not Charmed without Milano, Combs, and McGowan.

Although Milano says she would still be on board for anything Charmed-related that comes down the pike, she felt the need to reach out to fans so that they didn’t get their hopes up.

“It seems like that’s going to happen any second. I just feel like with all these reunions, and we still have such a cult following, that I feel like someone’s going to put that together at some point,” she said. “And we’re all totally on board for that!”

Milano stresses that the original cast members are at the mercy of CBS, and if the network wants a new coven of witches for Charmed, then the originals have no say in the matter. It is being suggested that a reboot instead of a reunion with a new generation of Halliwells could also be interesting, but why not consider doing a combination of the two, like Fuller House did to Full House?

The Indian Express says, for now, the Charmed project does not include Milano, Combs, McGowan, or even Doherty, but CBS has not said no to bringing the original cast back for a reunion or reboot just yet. Milano feels a strong connection with Charmed fans, and she only wants to share the up-to-the-minute truth about the project with them.

Although the news from Milano about the Charmed project has quashed the dreams of Charmed fans everywhere who were hoping that the Book of Shadows would once again be cracked open, they will just have to watch and wait until CBS makes an official announcement to learn if the original actresses will be included.

Fingers are crossed that the original Halliwell sisters will be a go in the Charmed project whether it is a reboot or a reunion.

Blessed be!

Would Charmed be Charmed for you without the original cast? Who is a must-have?

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