Watch Fox News Democratic Town Hall Live Stream: Sanders, Clinton Face Hostile Crowd On Eve Of Michigan Vote

Fox News, in an unusual programming move, is hosting Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in a Town Hall forum that will stream live, Monday evening, from Detroit. The Town Hall will be the first Democratic presidential event hosted by the reliably conservative cable news outlet, and it comes just four days after a wild Republican debate hosted by Fox News on Thursday that ended up as the second-highest rated program in the history of the network.

The crazed Republican debate, which included candidates hurling insults back and forth, and, at one point, frontrunner Donald Trump appeared to boast about the size of his penis, attracted 17 million viewers, and can be seen in its entirety at this link.

The last time Hillary Clinton appeared on Fox News was about two years ago, as part of a book tour, when she was interviewed by Greta Van Susteren along with Bret Baier, the latter of whom will also host the Democratic Town Hall Monday.

Bernie Sanders appeared on Fox News as recently as last month, when he was interviewed by Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. Watch that entire interview in the video below.

The Democratic Fox News Town Hall is unlikely to produce such theatrics, as Clinton and Sanders have maintained a mostly respectful tone throughout their campaign and have confined their disagreements, though often sharp, largely to issues of policy and each candidate's overall vision.

But the candidates are likely to face aggressive and even hostile questioning from Fox News anchor Baier, who will host the Town Hall as a special edition of his nightly program, Special Report.

Fox News Democratic Town Hall Live Stream Bret Baier
Fox News anchor and Town Hall host Bret Baier( l) with wife Amy Baier (Photo By Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images)

The debate will take place at the 89-year-old Gem Theatre in Detroit, a classic venue that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and will also feature questions from the audience — and if the audience reflects the usual Fox News viewership, of which 60 percent decribes itself as "conservative," the questioning of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders could become even more contentious.

To find out how to watch a live stream of the Fox News Democratic Town Hall with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, see the streaming links in the final paragraph of this article. The Town Hall live stream is scheduled to get underway at 6 p.m. Eastern Time, 3 p.m. Pacific, on Monday, March 7.

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The Town Hall also comes the day after what is sure to be a heated debate between Sanders and Clinton held about one hour's drive from Detroit, in the city of Flint, a municipality still suffering from a water-contamination crisis set off by the state's Republican governor who diverted the city's water supply in an attempt to cut state spending.

Bernie Sanders agreed to take part in the Fox News Democratic Town Hall last Thursday, but at that time Clinton passed on the invite, claiming a conflict in her schedule. But that conflict apparently cleared up, because on Friday, Clinton agreed to participate in the Fox News event.

Fox News Democratic Town Hall Live Stream Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders blames Hillary Clinton for job losses in Michigan (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

As a state hit hard by job losses, Michigan is seen as a major battleground in the general election. And leading up to the Tuesday primary in that state, Sanders has hammered Clinton for her support of trade deals such as what Sanders called "the job-killing" North American Free Trade Agreement, saying that Clinton's support for NAFTA and other free trade policies is "one of the reasons that the middle class in the country is disappearing."

Nonetheless, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in Michigan polling prior to Tuesday's vote by almost 20 percentage points, according to the election-predicting site, which projects Clinton as a virtual certainty to win the primary there.

Fox News will offer viewers a live stream of the Democratic Town Hall, with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on Monday, which can be accessed at this link. An alternative live stream can be accessed at this link. In addition to the live stream at 6 p.m. on Monday, March 7, a replay of the Town Hall will stream at 11 p.m. Eastern Time, 8 p.m. Pacific, as well.

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