If You Hate Donald Trump, You Should Be Playing These Games

Donald Trump is a person of interest that has gained popularity even outside the United States. He is an American businessman, politician, and television personality, and is now running for President in the 2016 U.S. Elections. It’s not hard to hate Donald Trump. In fact, a lot of people inside and outside America hate him fervently on terms of his narcissism, arrogance, bigotry, plain offensive attitude, and hairstyle. Britain, a nation that usually pays little attention to international politics, more so American politics, has even taken part in making fun of Donald Trump, with a window in one barbershop in St. Paul’s in central London posting: “If Trump becomes President, there will be hell toupee.”

Donal Trump’s haters won’t run out of reasons to hate Trump, the same way that he doesn’t run out of actions and words to rile them up. So if you’re a hater of Donald Trump, you might want to look at these games — from Donald Trump-inspired board games to comical Donald Trump stress-inducing and -relieving games. Actually, if you’re a Trump fan (which makes us wonder why you have stepped foot in this article), then you will enjoy these games just the same.

Trump Donald

The game’s tagline is pretty witty, too: “Why Donald Trump if you can Trump Donald?” It’s basically trumpeting at Donald Trump’s face, rendering his face soured up and his better-and-more-famous-than-Justin-Bieber’s-old-hair hair flying in all directions.

Don't you love that scrunched-up Donald Trump face? (screenshot from TrumpDonald.org)
Don’t you love that scrunched-up Donald Trump face? [Image via TrumpDonald.org]
The Trump Donald web app, located at TrumpDonald.org, is created by Swedish advertising agency Animal. Jacob Sempler, creative designer at Animal, tells UPI that they started working on the app when they accidentally discovered that the domain name is still available. He and the agency share the passion of millions of people who hate Donald Trump.

“It seems like a lot of people in Sweden are following American politics. Obviously Swedes can’t vote in the election, so creating this site became our vote; it’s our way of commenting on the election.”

On the lower hand of the site, there is a counter to show how many times the virtual trumpet has already been blown in Donald Trump’s face. As of writing, a month after its launch, the trump count is already at 92 million.

Trump Dump

#DumpTrump has been an active and ongoing effort of Donald Trump haters who are calling to “end hatred, fear mongering, bullying and racism in America.” To bring a more satirical note to this campaign, college students and twin brothers Jason Fotso and Brian Fotso created the mobile game Trump Dump.

Trump Dump is free on iOS and Android, and is a game inspired from the mechanics of Flappy Bird. Navigate through walls and at the end of the countdown, you can drop emoji-like swirl poops on Donald Trump’s head.

Trump Dump is Flappy Bird Trump-style (via Google Play)
Trump Dump is Flappy Bird Trump-style [Image via Google Play]
Already at around 100,000 to 500,000 installs from Google Play alone, Trump Dump has already amassed a fair share of Trump haters just to get a chance to take a dump on their favorite political figure.

Trump The Game

Trump The Game is a board game originally released back in 1989 and is revamped and re-released in 2004. The original board game in 1989 reads on the front, typical of Donald Trump’s kind of humor, “It’s not whether you win or lose, but whether you win.” Saying this board game is for Donald Trump haters could be a bit sarcastic in itself, but it’s still a good way to torture yourself and have a little fun out of it if you’re an avid Donald Trump hater.

The goal of the game is to force the other players into “financial ruin” with properties that are reminiscent of Donald Trump’s investments. In addition to the fact that his face plastered all over the board and the cards, you’ll also be dealing money with his face on every single one of them. You cannot get any Trumpier than that.

Trump The Game 2004 edition
Trump The Game 2004 edition [Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

Trump Has Successfully Eliminated All Life On Earth

This last game was not actually made with Donald Trump in mind, nor was it created to express hate for Trump in any way. But just for the fun of it, you can pick up this game called Plague Inc. and name your virus or plague Trump. Then that’s when the fun starts.

Where did we get this idea, you ask? Well, just this week, devs of Plague Inc. posted on their official Twitter page that they found out “Trump” was the most popular name players used in Plague Inc.

In Plague Inc., player creates and evolves a pathogen in an effort to destroy the world with a deadly plague. So, depending on how you play it, Trump can end up dying out or Trump can overcome Mexico’s efforts (also a pun, if you missed that) and “successfully eliminate all life on Earth.”

That’s pretty Donald Trump-y if you ask us.

[Image via TrumpDonald.org]