Bernie Sanders Takes Kansas And Nebraska

Caitlin Johnstone

The ornery Democratic Socialist from Vermont will not say die, and has taken out two of the three Saturday primaries this weekend.

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won Kansas against the Democratic frontrunner and presumed heir-apparent, Hillary Rodham Clinton. The wily Senator also came out on top in Nebraska winning the day, two-to-one. Clinton won in Louisiana, as projected. Details on the final delegate count are yet to come, but the Sanders camp is confident it can hold good ground in the pledged delegate count, despite Louisiana being a winner-take-all state.

"I feel good about our campaign because the voters are sending a clear message. No matter what the pundits say, it is the voters who will decide this election," Sanders said, in a statement released on the Bernie Sanders website.

When the state Democratic Party told CNN that Bernie Sanders was the victor of the Kansas primary tonight, Sanders was quick to tweet out his gratitude.

Only 30 minutes later, CNN and AP called Nebraska for Bernie Sanders, up 10 percentage points with 75 percent of the vote counted, and a thrilled Bernie was back online, tweeting out his thanks for what he called Nebraska's "strong support."

Notably, in recent days, Clinton has turned focus on to the Republican side being scathing of their proposals and policies, and she took the opportunity in her speech to warn against a possible Republican president.

"They will rip away all the progress we've made under President Obama," Clinton said in a speech she gave after the Louisiana primary closed.

Bernie Sanders' general focus has been on the Hispanic vote lately, and today he released a beautifully made video in Spanish on YouTube.

Bernie Sanders spoke to the press after his two state wins and was upbeat about his chances in the long game of the campaign.

"It looks like we won a very good victory in Nebraska, a very good victory in Kansas."

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]