WWE News: Karl Anderson And Doc Gallows To Skip NXT For Main Roster, Finn Balor To Come Up With Them?

NJPW’s Bullet Club has been considered one of the top acts in all of pro-wrestling, so it is not a surprise WWE went after almost all members of the group in an attempt to get them into the company. AJ Styles already made his highly anticipated debut, but Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows have not yet arrived. The idea was that Anderson would finish his New Japan contract and then come into WWE afterward. Gallows reportedly was working without a deal and was on a per appearance deal so that he could finish alongside his friend.

The two said their goodbyes to NJPW and are expected to be with WWE very soon. The reported idea was that the two of them would work with Finn Balor down in WWE NXT for a while then make their way to the main roster when WWE was ready to bring up Balor to the main roster. Now, those ideas have changed up a bit. WWE already signed all of the NJPW stars to main roster deals, so the thought was that none of them would be in NXT for a year or longer.

However, WWE now seems quite intent on using the former IWGP Tag Team Champions on the main roster instead of having them work in NXT, according to a report out of PWInsider. They claim that the duo are expected to be on the main roster “around WrestleMania time.” However, it is unknown if WWE would be debuting them before or after WrestleMania. With all of the injuries going on as of late, it might be best to debut them beforehand just so the WWE would have another big match at WrestleMania.

Doc Karl
[Image via NJPW]
This is making many assume that WWE will bring up NXT Champion Finn Balor with them, which makes sense. WWE is expected to have the duo work with Balor and be under the “Balor Club” name. There is also a shot that they will work under the “Bulletproof” name as well, but we won’t know this until they debut. WWE did call the Bullet Club out by name on the latest episode of NXT, so some assume they could use the name upon their arrival. However, NJPW still owns the name and it does not look like they are willing to sell it to WWE.

In a recent report, fans learned that Vince McMahon wanted to debut Finn Balor very soon and was big on the idea of having him come in as soon as this Monday night on WWE RAW in Chicago, Illinois. Triple H was said to be against the idea and wanted to hold off on Balor’s debut until after WrestleMania 32. It is thought he may drop the NXT title to Samoa Joe, who is said to be his opponent at NXT Takeover: Dallas.

Due to the fact that Bray Wyatt and the Wyatt Family have yet to get a match for WrestleMania, it would make sense to have them be part of WrestleMania in a big way. Brock Lesnar was originally going to work with Wyatt, but WWE changed the plan. Now, the idea is for Dean Ambrose to work with the Beast Incarnate in a street fight at WrestleMania.

Balor title
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It would make sense to have The Wyatt Family take on Anderson, Gallows, and Balor as the two factions would be great to watch against one another. This could have been the plan WWE had when they decided on having Lesnar work with Ambrose over the original plan of working with Wyatt.

Balor Club vs The Wyatt Family is certainly a WrestleMania worthy match, so it would be the perfect plan for the trio upon their main roster debut. This would make Finn Balor pull double duty during WrestleMania week. However, his NXT match and WrestleMania match could tie in where Wyatt costs him his title or something. Fans will have to see if Vince McMahon gets what he wants and debuts Finn Balor and his friends before WrestleMania begins. If not, it seems almost concrete that they will be on the WWE RAW following WrestleMania.

[Image via NJPW]