‘Suicide Squad’ Release Date Will Kill Overrated ‘Batman V Superman’ — Here’s Why

The Suicide Squad release date is a few months away, but it will probably be what brings audiences back. Batman v Superman, though the pre-release box office is already staggering, will likely be a big letdown.

Why would I say that? We’ve seen so much about the upcoming prequel to Justice League, and even though it looks impressive, Warner Bros. Pictures hasn’t learned from the past. They’re still throwing too many characters into one superhero movie, meaning it will be too crowded to properly introduce them all.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Lex Luthor, and Doomsday will all make their debut in Batman v Superman, at least in this round. Batman & Robin introduced less characters and still attempted to focus on the action. Of course, the casting of George Clooney as the dark knight, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Mister Freeze was an embarrassing mistake.

The tone is radically different, but you might remember the last time Ben Affleck dressed in a superhero suit. He rewrote Batman v Superman throughout its production, and so far, the only indication that he knows anything about movie production is Argo.

There is just too much hype surrounding the DC Comics ensemble film, just like Avengers: Age of Ultron. We haven’t seen much of the supervillain follow-up, and from the little we have seen, the Suicide Squad release date of August 5 could be the biggest opening since Deadpool.

If you go by the trailer we’ve seen, Suicide Squad seems to center around Deadshot (Will Smith) and Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), two characters we’ve never seen in a movie before. Yes, Jared Leto’s Joker could be a huge eyesore, but that may be intentional. Joker is the canonical reason for Harley Quinn being a villain, so the fact that he’s not actually on the team, yet a part of the story, means there will be complications with the mission.

It’s safe to guess that Harley Quinn will be pushing to free Joker throughout the film and literally risking her life. That’s an interesting concept, and we’ll know for sure when the Suicide Squad release date hits.

Yes, the Suicide Squad release date will also include a bunch of new characters in one movie, but the trailer makes it feel more like a dark version of Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel’s second ensemble film put a team together using known criminals and added a sense of humor, just like Suicide Squad seems to be doing. These criminals risked their lives for a common goal, much like Suicide Squad. The release date could be a big turnaround if and when Batman V Superman flops at the box office.

Fans have already stated several casting problems with Dawn of Justice. Ben Affleck might work, but we have yet to see if he can make us forget it’s him. Gal Gadot has been considered too skinny to play the role of the Amazon warrior Diane Prince, AKA Wonder Woman. Jesse Eisenberg will have a tough time convincing viewers that he’s Lex Luthor, especially with his hair. Technically, Lex Luthor has had hair before, but that was when Gene Hackman played the role. Gene Hackman has proven himself as a serious actor.

Aside from Zombieland and The Social Network, Jesse Eisenberg hasn’t really proven himself. He might surprise us and make us forget American Ultra, but he’s going to need to really push himself out of his comfort zone to convince us he’s a supervillain.

You can probably say the same thing about Will Smith as Deadshot, since he seems unable to take on any role aside from two basic modes. He’s either sarcastic Will Smith or angry Will Smith. It appears that Margot Robbie will carry the cast, though, as a clinically insane inmate given a chance to be a hero.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will probably let us down, and the Suicide Squad release date may just be what brings the franchise back for Warner Bros.

[Image via Warner Bros.]