Reese Witherspoon Being Sued For $5 Million Over Copyright Claims [Report]

Reese Witherspoon is being sued for $5 million over a copyright and trademark infringement issue, according to a new report by Page Six.

According to the site, Witherspoon has found herself in hot water over claims that her lifestyle and clothing company Draper James has infringed upon the rights of jeweler Jordann Weingartner.

Page Six is reporting that Weingartner is suing Reese Witherspoon’s company for $5 million and claiming that Draper James has used a design that is too similar to the logo used in their Magnolia collection of jewelry.

“I drew the design for my Magnolia Collection back in 2008,” Weingartner alleged to the site this week, who added that the design “isn’t a traditional magnolia flower” and is instead her “artistic take” on the plant.

“My design actually looks nothing like a magnolia and Draper James not only took the design, but also decided to call it a magnolia,” the jeweler told Page Six of the design, adding that she believes Reese “literally stole [her] magnolia.”

Weingartner also revealed that it would be impossible for Reese to not have seen her design before she used a similar one on her own pieces, as the jeweler is claiming that her publicist once sent a necklace featuring the design to Reese as a gift.

Weingartner also claimed to Page Six in the report that she first asked Reese Witherspoon to settle the dispute out of court, something she’s claiming Witherspoon and her team ignored.

“They basically ignored us,” she said of Reese and her team, “so, we’re ready to fight.”

TMZ is alleging that the U.S. jeweler wants Reese’s designs to be removed from stores and is also looking to receive a portion of Witherspoon’s profits from past sales of items featuring the design.

Reese’s Draper James line, which she regularly shows off pieces from on Instagram, first debuted online last year and also currently has its flagship store in Nashville, Tennessee.

Reese showed off a snap of herself visiting the shop on Instagram on February 15, captioning the shot, “So much #NashvilleLove!!! Stopped by the @DraperJames #Flagship store to say hi.”

This is just the latest legal battle for Reese Witherspoon, as several reports are claiming that she only just settled another case, which also included issues with jewelry, out of court last month.

According to a report by the Fashion Law, Reese was able to narrowly avoid a court appearance in a case she brought about against Sears and the online jewelry site Emitations in 2013, in which she alleged the company’s used both her name and image without her prior authorization.

Witherspoon claimed in her filing, according to the Fashion Law, that both companies were illegally using her name and image to sell jewelry and added that they incorrectly suggested that Reese had endorsed the brand.

The site then claimed in February 2016 that Witherspoon had withdrawn her lawsuit against the businesses and “had come to settlements to resolve claims of violating Witherspoon’s trademarks and publicity rights.”

The Hollywood Reporter reported in February that the settlement meant that Witherspoon had avoided having to appear in court regarding the legal issue.

According to the site, a trial was originally scheduled for sometime in February “and could have featured Witherspoon testifying as well as consumer surveys about confusion in the marketplace.”

However, the Hollywood Reporter revealed at the time that Reese Witherspoon’s attorney stated that Reese and the defendants instead came to an agreement outside of the courtroom and added that the legal case is now officially settled.

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[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]