WWE Rumors: Balor Club Making Debut On Main Roster After Wrestlemania 32

WWE rumors have been swirling around four New Japan performers since the year began. AJ Styles has already made his debut on the main roster, and Shinsuke Nakamura is already living in the United States and training at the performance center. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows were originally supposed to make their debut at NXT, but it now appears that the two of them are set to join Finn Balor on the main roster after Wrestlemania 32, according to Wrestling Inc.

For the longest time there, the blueprint for WWE was to get people into their developmental program and create stars that way. Proven commodities like Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens and Daniel Bryan had to go through NXT before making their way to the main roster. That was before Triple H moved his way up the corporate ladder and convinced Vince McMahon and his allies to think outside of the box.

WWE executive Triple H Triple H [Photo by WWE]With the main roster in desperate need of talent infusion, Triple H has now been able to convince the company to allow certain guys to skip past the developmental phase. Without even making a single appearance on NXT, AJ Styles was immediately skyrocketed into a coveted spot at the Royal Rumble. The following night, he got to work a high profile match against Chris Jericho on Monday Night Raw, an opportunity that many performers have yet to be handed.

It now looks like Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows are going to be given the same treatment. Rather than being forced to prove their mettle in NXT, the former Bullet Club members are reportedly going to be showing up on the episode of Monday Night Raw that takes place right after WrestleMania 32. The episode has now become the most important one of the year, as many in WWE consider that to be the season premiere of their flagship show.


Finn Balor has long been rumored to be making the move from NXT to the main roster in WWE. Having him debut in a brand new stable with Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows would be a great way to make that happen. Much of the internet wrestling community are already aware of the Bullet Club, so this would be a nod to them. For copyright reasons, the name cannot be used, so WWE will more than likely use the Balor Club name, which they own.

One of the issues in talented performers being elevated from NXT to the main roster in WWE is the fact that the company still needs name value on the developmental brand. Fortunately for Finn Balor, there is a good amount of talent in NXT right now. Hideo Itami, Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Shinsuke Nakamura can provide enough of a talent core that the brand can continue their live events expansion and still be able to draw decent business.


As evident by the return of Shane McMahon, something that was definitely unexpected, it is clear that WWE is trying to create a buzz. They need to bring back the fans that are no longer interested in the product. World Wrestling Entertainment also needs to keep the current fan base from souring on the product. A hot stable can do wonders for those goals. WCW was able to launch a pretty good attack on WWE with the legendary nWo story line.

If WWE wanted to take things to an even higher level, then they need to really lean on the Balor Club. Figuring out how to introduce Finn Balor, Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows would be a great start. Coming up with a creative way to include AJ Styles into the group would make things that much more exciting.

[Photo by WWE]