Joseph Pryor Discharged From Marines After Donald Trump Rally Assault Video Goes Viral

A recent Donald Trump rally in Louisville caused quite a stir when a video of the crowd went viral. In the film, excited Trump supporters are seen assaulting a young black woman who was standing silently in protest during the rally. At least one angry patriot will have to pay some steep consequences for yelling racist slurs while helping to push the woman out of the Trump rally. Joseph Pryor lost his career after he was identified as one of the people who may have assaulted Shiya Nwanguma at the Louisville Trump Rally on the now-viral video.

On Wednesday, Pryor was discharged from the United States Marine Corps for his role at the Trump rally in Louisville. Pryor enlisted in the Marines in 2015 and was currently in a delayed entry program. The New York Daily News reported that Pryor was quietly discharged after he was seen bragging on Facebook about his involvement in the near-riot.

In the days since the video of Shiya Nwanguma being assaulted at the Trump rally went viral, pictures of rally-goers yelling at the young woman have been compared to similar images from the civil rights movement. NYDN confirmed that Pryor has, in fact, been discharged from the Marines as a result of his conduct during the rally. Captain Kevin Hoffman, deputy judge advocate of the United States Marine Corps, told them in a statement, “Mr. Pryor was discharged from the delayed entry program.”

Joseph Pryor isn’t the only Trump supporter identified on the video during the Louisville rally either. Matthew Heimbach is also seen on the video at the Trump rally. Heimbach didn’t lose his job as a result of his role in the assault on the young black woman. Instead, it was learned that Heimbach’s employment was terminated in January with the Indiana Department of Child Services. Matthew lost his job when his employer learned of his racism and bigotry.

There are more men who are accused of assaulting Nwanguma in Louisville. Several protesters have claimed they are filing charges with the local police and have started the process to identify those who may have committed assault during the protest. Some have even said they will sue Trump for “creating and fostering such a hateful and unsafe environment.” There is an investigation underway according to police.

“We have received three criminal complaints regarding alleged assaults at the Donald Trump rally on Tuesday and are actively investigating them,” Louisville Metro Police Department spokeswoman Alicia Smiley said.

Trump has been accused of inciting a riot, leading to the assault of Shiya and others during recent rallies as he canvassed the United States in a bid for the Republican nomination. Trump has been seen shouting “get them out of here” about protesters at his rallies. Those who support him cheer as the crowd often push silent protesters away from the stage.

Those who oppose Trump for president argue that his actions make him responsible for the safety of those who are forcefully ejected on the campaign trail. On the other hand, Trump supporters claim that these events are private and therefore, they can throw out whoever they want. There is concern that with Trump and his supporters’ attitudes about how the rallies are run, someone is going to get killed before it’s all over.

Not to mention that men like Joseph Pryor, who, in the excitement of the Trump rally, became so enraged while yelling at a black woman, have become the face of Trump supporters. Pryor can never serve in the military again after being identified on film. The angry patriot probably didn’t think about consequences when shouting at a black protester during the Trump rally, but now the images and comparisons will haunt him for life. Hopefully, Pryor, at least, learned something from being exposed.

[Photo by Aaron Berstein/Getty Images]