‘House Of Cards’ Season 4 Released: Check Out This Quick Recap Of Season 3 Before You Watch

Fans of House of Cards on Netflix are making big plans to binge watch all of Season 4 this weekend. House of Cards was just released, and now fans are trying to remember what went down on Season 3 of House of Cards considering most of them watched it a long time ago. You can always catch up on the earlier seasons before starting Season 4 if you feel too lost. The New York Times shared five things that you will want to remember for sure from last season of House of Cards.

Season 3 of House of Cards ended with Frank Underwood yelling after his wife and thinking that she was walking out on their entire marriage. The new season starts right back up at this point. Frank is ready to run for re-election, and a marriage that is falling apart in the public eye would not be a good thing. So why is their marriage falling apart on House of Cards? Frank promised President Viktor Petrov of Russia that he would convince Claire to step down as United Nations ambassador, and she was not happy about this at all. Claire also realized that their marriage was not equally balanced like it should be. She was supposed to go with him to the Iowa caucus, but instead, she left him.

Remember that during Season 3 Doug Stamper was not healthy and dealing with alcoholism, but now Doug is doing great again, which means that on House of Cards Season 4, he will be back to doing whatever Frank Underwood puts him up to. Last season, he killed a prostitute named Rachel for Frank. On House of Cards Season 3, Dunbar also made sure to burn the journal containing details of Claire’s abortion. They do not want that news coming out on House of Cards.

This season, a few things to watch out for on House of Cards are the fact that Heather Dunbar and Jackie Sharp are now working together. This could be bad for Frank Underwood. Journalist Lucas Goodwin is still behind bars, but you never know when he will get out, and that is going to be bad for Frank as well. Lucas was obsessed with uncovering the crimes that Underwood is a part of, but he ended up committing crimes of cyber terrorism that put him behind bars. Don’t think that Lucas won’t return to House of Cards at some point, and it will probably be this season. Lucas is not going to forget that Underwood pushed his girlfriend Zoe Barnes off a subway platform in Season 2. Seth Grayson is also someone to watch on House of Cards, as he should make Underwood a bit nervous this season.

Bustle shared some of the other details from Season 3 of House of Cards that you don’t want to forget. Claire Underwood is still a bit shaken up from her trip to Russia to rescue political prisoner and LGBT activist Michael Corrigan. She wouldn’t leave his cell until he could too, but then she woke up to find his body hanging from the ceiling.

Jackie Sharp may have married her boyfriend, cardiovascular surgeon Alan Cooke, but that doesn’t mean she is going to be faithful to him. Don’t forget that Jackie Sharp has started back her steamy affair with Remy in Season 3.

Are you excited about Season 4 of House of Cards? Do you have big plans to watch all of Season 4 of House of Cards this weekend? Sound off in the comments, and don’t forget to catch up on all four seasons of House of Cards on Netflix.

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