Aliyah Garett: 2-Year-Old South Carolina Toddler Calls 911 Asking For Help Putting Her Pants On [Video]

Meet Aliyah Garett, a 2-year-old American citizen from Greenville, South Carolina, who in the face of a grave crisis called up 911 to help her out. When you are two years old, getting yourselves dressed in the absence of your mom is a daunting task. Little Aliyah, on Wednesday afternoon, was facing this challenge when she tried the rather momentous task of getting her pants on — all by herself. However, a few minutes into her efforts, Aaliya thought it would be better if she received a little helping hand.

Trained by her mother to call 911 during emergencies (not exactly of this purpose), Aliyah got hold of the phone and dialed 911. However, when the call connected, the two-year-old could not express herself in a language the dispatcher at the other end could decipher, reports WSPA 7 News. All the dispatcher could hear was a mumbled “Hello.” Taking the call seriously, the 911 dispatcher alerted Deputy Martha Lohnes, who was in the vicinity where little Aliyah lived.

Deputy Drew Pinciaro, a public information officer for the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, chuckles when he describes what happened next.

“She just really needed help getting her pants on.”

“Deputy Martha Lohnes was in the vicinity of the home, so she went over to make sure everything was OK. And well, the little girl came to the door with her pants half on, saying needed help getting them on.”

“Dispatch actually gave us a call and they said it sounded like a baby on the phone and it was basically a 911 hang up call,” said Deputy Martha Lohnes.

As expected of any good police officer, Lohnes did her job to perfection. When she reached there and rang the doorbell, little Aliyah opened the door and told her about the crisis that needed an immediate solution. Without wasting a second, Lohnes sat down on the stairs in front of the home and helped Aliyah with her “pants emergency.” As an added bonus, she also helped the feisty young toddler tie her shoes.

Oblivious to the law and order situation created at her home, Aliyah’s mother Pebbles Ryan was still at her workplace when she received a call from her father telling her about Aliyah’s now-famous 911 call. He told her how shocked he was to see Deputy Lohnes at the door. He also informed her that the cop was hugging her daughter and was taking her own sweet time to leave.

“My dad gave me a call and was just like, ‘Your daughter just called the police on me!'” Ryan laughed. “Then he said Aliyah wouldn’t let the cop leave and was too busy hugging her.”

Pebbles told reporters that she had indeed trained little Aliyah to call 911 during an emergency. However, she never thought her daughter would call them up to help herself get dressed! She is thankful to deputy Lohnes, though, for her kindhearted and sweet gesture.

“I’m just grateful for the deputy and her kind, wonderful heart, though. She really took the time out of her day to make sure everything was OK even though she knew it was just a little baby calling. That means a lot to me,” Pebbles said.

As for Deputy Lohnes, this 911 emergency came as a welcome change for her. For someone who is used to being called in to deal with either a dangerous or a tragic situation, this playful innocence of a child was of great relief. Lohnes clicked a photograph with little Aliyah before she left.

[Image Via Youtube Screenshot]