Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner Involved In Paris Nightclub Brawl?

Gigi Hadid likes to work hard and party harder. That’s why after a tough day on the runways, she was seen partying with Kendall Jenner. However, the two lovely ladies were seen getting involved in a brawl, Hollywood Life has reported. It was reported that while the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was out with Gigi Hadid in Paris, she punched a paparazzo in the face. The two were outside L’Arc in Paris which was pretty crowed. Gigi Hadid and the reality star tried to make their way to the car but the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star reportedly punched a paparazzo. It’s not really known what the scale of the alleged brawl was, but Gigi’s BFF was seen taking a punch.

The two were seen walking the runways of Paris. The two swapped hair colors for the runway and looked like true supermodels. However, they don’t exactly plunge themselves into work. Gigi Hadid likes to have fun with her BFF. They post wacky videos of their time backstage where Gigi Hadid is dancing around in lingerie and cracking jokes with the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star.

The two also posted a video in which they indulged in some girly banter. “My boobs are really small right now,” Gigi tells Kendall as both cup their breasts. They are wearing matching black lingerie. “They get really big when it’s that time of the month,” Gigi said. Both of them agree in unison that their breasts did get bigger during “that time of the month!”

While Gigi is busy with work in Paris, one wonders where Zayn Malik may be. Zayn had flow to Paris to be with Gigi Hadid after the couple were not seen together since February 3, but where he’s been since is anyone’s guess.

It’s been reported that Gigi’s boyfriend is a bit possessive of her and keeps her under strict curfew. OK! magazine had said that Gigi’s boyfriend keeps her under a super-strict curfew. The source says, “He wants her to be back in her hotel room by midnight when they’re apart.” Then one may wonder where Zayn Malik may be when Gigi is seen in a supposed brawl outside a Paris nightclub.

It’s been said that he stays out till late in the night but wouldn’t let Gigi do the same. “This is a bold move by Zayn because he’s not exactly a saint,” said the insider, “but it shows how controlling and insecure he is about Gigi.” The sources even go on to say that Zayn is not really going to admit but he doesn’t really trust Gigi.

“Zayn doesn’t trust [Gigi Hadid], but he would never admit it,” the source said. “Instead he’s playing with her mind by telling her he wants to be the last person she speaks to when she goes to bed. This might sound romantic, but his ulterior motive is keeping tabs on her when she’s out of town.”

But this is not to say that he doesn’t trust Gigi. He loves her a lot and the two are very serious about the relationship, E! has said. However, the fact remains that Gigi is a supermodel and a celebrity in her own right and she would need all the space she can get to grow as a model. However, during such times when Gigi is not supposedly acting responsible, is Zayn’s absence justified?

Do you think Gigi Hadid’s boyfriend should have been around while she was working in Paris? Or do you think he should let her be on her own when she wants to?

[Photo By Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty Images]