Get tased by Hello Kitty and visit one man’s pink hell

I could have just written this post up about yet another absolutely stupid use of technology and left it at that but this is one of those rare occasions when where you find the story can be just as interesting as the item that lead you there. In this case if was a post on the Crave Blog about a Hello Kitty Taser Gun that they had found on a blog called Hello Kitty Hell.

Yes folks a blog dedicated to everything that even remotely is associated with the Hello Kitty brand. However this isn’t exactly what you would consider to be a Hello Kitty fan site by any stretch of the imagination. In fact if you read the About for the blog you’ll see this is far from the case.

Feel free to contact me at hellokittyhell @ unless you are going to ask where you can find some Hello Kitty item on this site — in that case, don’t bother because it ain’t going to happen.

And if you are even thinking about whining about it, read my special message to Hello Kitty whiners.

The special message to the Hello Kitty whiners is worth visiting the site to read let alone peruse the myriad items posted that have to do with Hello Kitty. Here’s a small sampling of some of the pictures that go with his most current posts on the blog.

Hello Kitty Beer


Hello Kitty Condom Keeper


Hello Kitty Bar


I do have to say though that I really liked the header graphic for his site as it explains it all so well