Selena Gomez Fought With Taylor Swift Over Brother Austin?

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift may have fought with each other during the Vanity Fair bash, Hollywood Life has reported. However, is it because of her closeness with her brother Austin Swift? Apparently not. However, the magazine has reported that Selena Gomez was seen partying with Josephine Skriver instead of Taylor. It’s been said that Selena and Taylor were not photographed together even once. Josephine seemed to be gushing over her company for the night: Selena.

“My date last night was hotter than yours???????????????? @selenagomez,” Josephine captioned her picture, which had her holding Selena’s hand.

my date last night was hotter than yours ???????????????? @selenagomez

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“Are Selena and Taylor fighting again? Both women were partying the night away on February 28 at the Vanity Fair bash, but as far as anyone can tell, never together. Selena instead attended the party with Victoria’s Secret model Josephine, while Taylor hung out with her brother, Austin Swift, 23, and Lorde, 19,” the magazine said.

What could this supposed rift between Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez be about? Is it just a temporary fight between the two, or are they fight over Selena’s relationship with Austin Taylor?

@paolakudacki ???? for @pantene today

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Reportedly, Selena Gomez was with Austin through the night.

“There wasn’t one time that I didn’t see them (Selena and Austin) together. Granted, Taylor was also with them, but at one point it was just the two of them dancing while Taylor was dancing with Lorde and Brie Larson. Selena and Austin weren’t holding hands or anything like that, but they do make a good looking couple, and they looked like they were having a great time together,” an eyewitness told Hollywood Life exclusively.

But do you think Selena Gomez’s BFF is going to fight with her about this? We don’t know for sure. However, it has been reported that there is absolutely no truth to the report that Selena Gomez is fighting with Taylor Swift.

Thank you @nbcsnl for a childhood dream come true ... Did you guys see it?! ???????????? AH

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It seems like Gossip Cop has a different version of the story. The website said that the two did not ignore each other and that the two close friends are not fighting either. They confirmed that there was no truth to the Hollywood Life report.

“Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez did NOT ignore each other at the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Sunday, nor are the two friends ‘fighting,’ despite a made-up webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told there’s ‘no truth’ to it.”

But if the rumors of Selena Gomez going around with Austin Swift are really true, then her fans can take a breath of relief. After all, she wouldn’t have to worry about all those link-ups with Justin Beiber anymore. Selena is “exhausted” with all the talk of her relationship with Justin Bieber doing the rounds in media.

According to W Magazine, she said, “I’m so exhausted. I honestly am so done. I care about his health and well-being. But I can’t do it anymore.”

She has even gone on to say that she was left damaged from her relationship with Bieber.

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But what about her relationship with Zedd? People previously reported that Selena Gomez definitely had a thing with Zedd.

“I adore Anton [Zedd] a lot and I definitely had a thing with him, which was nice,” Gomez said.

But does that mean it’s over and that she is free to mingle with other men? It seems like it. But it also looks like there is certainly no truth to the rumor that Selena Gomez had been fighting with her BFF.

Do you think Selena Gomez had a fight with her BFF? Do you think Selena is seeing Austin Swift?

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