‘Teen Mom’ Star Jenelle Evans’ Boyfriend David Eason: His Sister Speaks Out!

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is currently in a relationship with David Eason, and she claims that it is the best relationship she has been in. He’s supportive of her and her children, and he doesn’t seem to care that she’s famous because of Teen Mom. But Evans has said the same things about previous boyfriends, including Nathan Griffith, Courtland Rogers, and even Gary Head. When the Teen Mom trailer was released a few days ago, Jenelle revealed that she was very upset with the way David was portrayed.

According to a new Radar Online report, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been defending David on social media, saying that he isn’t the “boyfriend from hell” that MTV made him out to be with the trailer. She isn’t the only one is coming to his defense. His sister, April Eason McKeithan, is now breaking her silence, and she says he’s a great guy.

“Jenelle has come a long way and my brother is not a bad person,” April has revealed, adding, “Everyone is going to be surprised about what actually happened. The only thing I have ever seen is loving. I don’t think they’ve argued yet.”


Of course, fans know very little about David Eason. They only know what Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has shared on social media. He hasn’t appeared on an episode of Teen Mom just yet, but he has been filming this new season with Jenelle. She has yet to film an entire season of the show without a man in her life. When the trailer was released, Evans slammed MTV for the editing, as Eason was edited to be the bad guy. But she insists that her mother was indeed the one crossing the line and making a fool of herself. And she wants people to watch Teen Mom to see what really happened.

“I think they used one piece of something that happened when her mom was acting out of anger to boost ratings,” Evans has revealed, adding, “I was told Babs was mad. Apparently she tells all her boyfriends that they’re the worst!”

David’s sister was shocked when she saw the footage, because it wasn’t the brother who she knew. And as soon as Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans started cussing out MTV, April knew that it was just the editing. But she doesn’t want her brother to be seen as the bad guy. And Evans has threatened to quit the show if they keep making her mother look like the innocent victim.

“I’m really angry about the f**king trailer that was aired,” Jenelle has revealed about the drama, adding, “They make David look bad and myself! I cussed them out sobbing in tears last night.”


Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans and David Eason have been together for a few months. On the last season of Teen Mom, Jenelle was contemplating whether she wanted to get back together with Nathan Griffith. And just a year ago, she was still contemplating whether she should find a new relationship or keep going.

“We’re on the rocks right now of course, but I mean, we’re always up and down so we’ll see what happens,” Jenelle told OK! Magazine at an event almost a year ago, adding, “I really think that Nathan, he might want to work things out. I’m not sure, he’s always wishy washy.”

She added that she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to get back together with him. Evans wasn’t dating anyone, but she wasn’t eager to jump back into a relationship with Nathan for the sake of her son, Kaiser. She met David shortly after.

What do you think of Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans’ new relationship? Are you surprised that David’s sister is speaking out in his defense?

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