Handsome Officer Miguel Gradilla Causes A Social Media Frenzy After Taking A Picture With Kid Who Loves Police

A photo of a handsome cop named Miguel Gradilla posing for a photo with an exuberant young fan has gone viral, MSN is reporting.

Three-year-old Minh Tatun Khang told his mom and dad that he loved the police, so his parents called a local radio station to ask if their son could meet an officer.

The Westminster Police Department in California sent Officer Miguel “Mike” Gradilla to visit Minh, who was wearing his own police uniform for the grand occasion. But when the Westminster Police Department posted a picture of Officer Gradilla and little Minh on Facebook, social media went gaga. Now every woman wants their own special cop for 24 hours.

According to Inside Edition, the Westminster Police Department received more than 4,000 comments on their Facebook wall about the gorgeous hunk in blue. Many fans did not stop there, with some calling the station to specifically ask for handsome Officer Miguel Gradilla. Calls were coming from as far as Australia.

“I need help! Call 911 and have this officer rescue me!” one commenter joked.

“Mmmm yummy,” another commenter interjected.

Handsome cop Miguel Gradilla
Handsome cop Miguel Gradilla has become a social media sensation. [Image via Facebook]

Commander Cameron Knauerhaze agrees that in terms of a catch, Officer Miguel Gradilla is indeed the “real deal.” But when he is not out on the beat safeguarding property and protecting lives, he can be found volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club or coaching kids on how to play sports, he said.

“In fact the Westminster Police Department is about to get even more good looking. We are training Officer Gradilla’s younger brother to join the team. Officer Sam Gradilla is a younger and taller version of his brother,” he joked.

“We have a lot of good looking young officers that would turn some heads, undoubtedly. But we are a team filled with great officers, who are more than willing to always help the community,” Knauerhaze concluded.

Officer Miguel Gradilla is not the first law enforcement officer to set the internet agog with his good looks. San Francisco cop Chris Kohrs, according to the Daily Mail, sent social media into admiration overdrive when his picture was taken by Mark Abramson, who had spotted the six-year veteran guarding a construction site in the Castro district of San Francisco.

San Francisco ‘hot cop’ Chris Kohrs arrested after fleeing hit & run accident [VIDEO] https://t.co/raEwNnEdPc pic.twitter.com/twXESnC9tm

— Trebor Schram (@Chimp999) December 2, 2015

A photogenic Facebook page started for Officer Kohrs boasted over 14,000 likes in less than 24 hours. In some of the pictures, he is seen flashing his pearly whites during breakfast, posing with a young child, and drilling a wall with his sculpted body in view. Kohrs has been described as the law enforcement’s answer to Jeremy Meeks, an ex-convict busted on a federal gun possession charge but who got signed by a Hollywood agent after he became a social media phenomenon thanks to his good looks.

Kohrs has been enjoying his fame, which has spawned plenty of media coverage and an opportunity to be a guest on Good Morning America. Kohrs recalls a man approaching him for a picture and thought nothing of it. When Abramson took his picture, he was not in the loop of the sensation it would generate because he did not have a personal Facebook account.

He was totally blindsided when he arrived at the police precinct the following day and found articles about him and pictures plastered all over the wall. The “Hot Cop of Castro” has been a hit with the gay community in the area, with many looking to catch his megawatt smile and muscular-looking body.

As of this writing, the photo of handsome cop Miguel Gradilla has been “liked” over 6,600 times.

[Image via Facebook]