NY Judge Urges Madonna And Guy Ritchie To Get Over Themselves And Consider Rocco


All the details have yet to be hashed out in the custody battle between Madonna and Guy Ritchie, but for now, the winner is Rocco Ritchie, because he gets what he wants, and that is to remain in England with his father and step mother. At a hearing yesterday, the judge decided that Rocco does not have to return to the United States at this time, and Madonna and Guy Ritchie have to figure out a custody schedule or she will do it for them, and likely nobody will be happy.

According to the Inquisitr, in the days leading up to the hearing in New York, Rocco Ritchie seemed to be enjoying himself, hanging out in London with his friends, including Brooklyn Beckham. Though Rocco, Madonna, nor Guy Ritchie showed up in person at the New York hearing, lawyers for all parties showed, and the parties were on a conference call.

The Huffington Post is reporting that Madonna and Guy Ritchie were both scolded by the judge for not putting Rocco Ritchie first in their ongoing custody battle. It all started when Rocco left Madonna’s tour to live in the UK with his father, Guy Ritchie. Judge Kaplan said that Rocco Ritchie can remain in school in London, and that Madonna and Guy Ritchie need to work out the other custody details, or she will intervene. She chastised Madonna and Guy Ritchie for playing their drama out publicly.

“Frankly both parties have chosen to live their lives in a very public way and may welcome the publicity, but the child has not.”

Judge Kaplan believes that both Madonna and Ritchie are putting unnecessary pressure on Rocco, and he would like the matter handled privately.

“I’m encouraging the parents to continue to resolve this matter in the best way possible for the child to take this tremendous pressure off their son.”

Judge Kaplan praised Guy Ritchie for putting time and effort into researching Rocco’s new school, and put it on the record that Rocco is happy there, and is performing successfully.

People Magazine says that Rocco Ritchie is finding the battle between Madonna and Guy Ritchie to be incredibly stressful, and a spectacle. Through his court-appointed attorney, Rocco Ritchie had a chance to speak to Madonna and Guy Ritchie to say that he wants this matter worked out privately, and that the drama is impacting him negatively.

The custody arrangements worked out between Madonna and Guy Ritchie were made in 2008, when Rocco Ritchie was seven, and those custody arrangements do not work today with a 15-year-old boy. So for now, Judge Kaplan has decided that Rocco Ritchie can remain in the custody of Guy Ritchie. She also said that the problems facing Madonna and Guy Ritchie are no different than those facing every other divorced parent struggling over custody matters.

But a source close to Madonna says that she still worries about Guy Ritchie’s influence on Rocco.

She is very concerned about her son’s well-being at this time. “Madonna’s devotion to all her children, their education and spiritual well-being is legendary in her circle of friends,” says the source.

But it is alleged that this is less about Rocco, and more about a conflict in the philosophies of Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Ritchie sees Madonna as controlling, and Madonna believes that Guy Ritchie is too hands off. Lawyers for Guy Ritchie, Rocco and Madonna are due back in court on June 1st to come to a final agreement.

Do you think Rocco Ritchie at 15 should be able to decide whether to live with Madonna or Guy Ritchie?

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