Rocco Ritchie With Broken Arm Hangs In London With Brooklyn Beckham Before Custody Hearing

As the custody hearing nears between Madonna and Guy Ritchie, Rocco Ritchie continues to step out around town in London, often with his father and friends. This time, Ritchie made an appearance with another celebrity spawn, Brooklyn Beckham, eldest son of soccer phenom David Beckham and wife, former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham.

According to the Inquisitr, as far as celebrity custody battles go, the tug of war between Madonna and Guy Ritchie has been fairly epic. Next month, the former couple will meet in New York to decide if 15-year-old Rocco Ritchie should live with his father, Guy Ritchie, in London, or return to New York to live with his mother, Madonna. Up until this winter, Rocco Ritchie had made New York with his mother his primary home, but he is ready for a change.

TMZ is reporting that Rocco Ritchie has been seen hanging out in London with friend Brooklyn Beckham. But in the pics taken this weekend, Ritchie is sporting a pink cast on his wrist. TMZ provided no information about Rocco Ritchie’s injury, but did confirm that Ritchie and Beckham are friends.

The Daily Mail is reporting that the boys were seen out and about in London this weekend. Beckham and Ritchie were hanging out with friends in the country capital, in casual attire. Rocco Ritchie’s pink cast seems to be sporting signatures with Sharpie, but he seemed no worse for wear.

Both boys seem to enjoy skateboarding and stunts, as Ritchie has long expressed his love for parkour. Brooklyn’s parents, David and Victoria Beckham, attended the wedding of Guy Ritchie and Jacqui Ainsley last year, where the boys likely hung out.

But amidst the casual hang with friends, the custody hearing in New York that is Madonna vs Guy Ritchie is still on, but Page Six says that neither party plans to show. Neither Madonna nor Ritchie want to distract from the issue by creating a media circus, so their lawyers will show in their stead.

“They want to settle the matter privately,” a source close to the case told The Post. “Nobody’s going to be there,” the source said, adding, “Madonna’s in Asia, and Guy’s in England.”

The spokesman for the Manhattan Supreme Court, Lucian Chalfen says that all parties are expected to be represented in front of Judge Deborah Kaplan on March 2. The hearing was originally set for last December, but Ritchie was a no-show. Rocco Ritchie is now living with his father, and attends school in England. Rocco has declared that he would prefer to stay with his father and step-mother in the U.K.

The Scotsman has declared that in custody matters with children the age of Rocco Ritchie, it is critical to listen to the child. Barrister Ewan Campbell anticipates that the court will heed Rocco Ritchie’s preference about where he wants to live going forward.

“Rocco, who spent a number of months on the road with his mother last year, left the U.S. for London in December. He then, according to reports, refused to return to the States for the Christmas holidays. On the application of his mother to the courts in America, a judge appears to have ordered that the teen return to the U.S. to ‘sort out his living arrangements’.”

Campbell says that a treaty is in place if necessary to enforce the rights of the custodial parent, and that is Madonna. The treaty is in place to return abducted children to their parent, but in the case of a mature child, that child’s desires are taken into account.

Though Campbell cannot claim with absolute certainty that Rocco will be allowed to stay with Guy Ritchie, it seems likely that Rocco’s opinion will matter.

Do you think that the court will listen to Rocco Ritchie, and allow him to stay in London with Guy Ritchie?

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