Migos Interview: Just How High Were They? Forbes’ ‘Cash Princes’ Are Winning

This is one of the more interesting Migos interviews of their career. While Quavo and Takeoff sat in front of the cams, you could tell something was “off.”

Migos’ songs tend to be club bangers, known to get their crowds hyped and excited. Mixtapes are nothing for these Atlanta rappers to release, because they love to make music for their listeners.

Well, Vlad TV got a chance to sit down with Migos in an interview to discuss last year’s Forbes feature. Coming from the bottom, Migos have excelled in the music industry, and they’re still under 30 years of age.


While Migos’ songs might thrill their listeners, it seems that their interviews don’t do the same. There were moments that even DJ Vlad sounded confused or surprised by Migos’ responses. Some have called the Migos interview one of the funniest on-camera moments for the group. And, the majority consensus states that they were “high as f**k,” according to many YouTube commentators.

You can watch Migos’ interview in the following video.

[Disclaimer: This video contains mature content and language. Viewer discretion is advised.]

According to the Forbes feature, the financial medium labeled Migos as part of “Hip Hop’s Cash Princes” of 2015. Yet, the group’s title doesn’t come without hard work and perseverance. Migos are still an independent act, and they’re doing well for themselves.

And although Takeoff appeared to be voyaging through space during the interview, Quavo did elaborate on a few perspectives the Migos group has kept in mind about their successes — as well as the principles behind maintaining such a “winning” status.

As Quavo elaborated on the do’s and dont’s of fame, he mentioned that they had to grow up. When DJ Vlad asked Migos about the changes, the response was a look into their reality.

“Just the way you move, and… just staying out of trouble, you know what I’m saying? You can’t get into a lot of things that you want to get into… that you used to get into. You just have to think before you do things. There’s a thinking process before you move.”

And honestly, that’s fantastic and sound advice. If you’re used to living a certain lifestyle, it’s more easy and tempting to live that life when you have a particular level of cash flow. At that point, you can make things happen that would’ve been more difficult without monetary backing.

But as the Migos group says, it takes discipline to do the right thing and stay out of trouble’s path. According to a Forbes report, Migos’ net worth is approximately $60,000-$65,000 per show, as an independent act. Essentially, the Atlanta rap group wanted to “lay the foundation” before approaching any major labels about possible deals.

Labels are known to engage in what’s called a 360 deal. This is when the artist gives the label a cut of every income stream, regardless of its avenue or purpose. If Migos were in one — and if an endeavor pertained to the idea of “Migos” — anything in which the artists engaged for the group’s sake would get invoiced a percentage off-the-top.

However, the Migos group is long past that point in their career. This is what was meant by “laying a foundation.” Since Migos has acquired its fan base all its own — and has been heavily accumulating money-in-pocket — a 360 offer from any label, major or minor, would be a ludicrous gesture.

During an interview with the financial source, Quavo stated that they’ve always done things for themselves when it comes to making money. Basically, the artists wanted to assure readers that they’re not “struggling” at all. Yet, they do understand that there’s a certain place they’re trying to go, and Migos have to stay focused on the end goal.

So, if pursuing a major label, Migos have leveraging power at the table. As a distinctive characteristic of the group, Migos’ sound has a distinguishable flow. Once the group began its influence on Atlanta rap, listeners possibly noticed another Atlanta artist with a similar sound — Future.

All in all, regardless of Migos’ interview, you can’t knock the group’s success. It’s genuine and earned. What are your thoughts about the Atlanta rap group? Feel free to share in the comments.

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