A Sneak Peek Into Season 4 Of ‘Bates Motel’: Rumors Are Flying, Who Will Survive Norman’s Road To Insanity? [Spoilers]

Season 4 of Bates Motel is right around the corner. In just a few days, the first of 10 episodes will continue right where Season 3 left off. It’s still not too late to make a reservation!

As with any uber-popular series, there’s tons of speculation in regard to what’s going to happen next. At this point, the only sure bet is Norman’s impending insanity and creepy transformation into his mother. (Cue “Dude Looks Like a Lady” music.)

If you’re going to be working in hospitality and not be hospitable, what’s the point?”

Interesting to note, this will be the first time, in the history of any television series, there won’t be what’s referred to as a “time jump” between seasons. Bates Motel Executive Producer, Kerry Ehrin, had this to say in answer to a recent reader’s question on TVLine.

“We left with a lot of cliffhangers — Bradley had just been killed, Norman thinks his mother did it, the actual Norma has no idea where her son is, Emma’s going in for a lung transplant. So there are a lot of threads we [wanted] to pick up immediately.”

One thing is certain. Everything is pointing to a much darker, not to mention dangerous, Norman this season. Norma’s son will continue to spiral out of control, right before her eyes. She really does need to get her boy some help!

TV Guide‘s latest Mega Buzz informs viewers that next Monday’s episode starts out with Norman, waking up in a field, talking to himself. Then, after arguing with an unsuspecting farmer, he lands himself in the hospital.

If you recall, in Season 3’s finale, Norma visited Pineview, the ritzy insane asylum she obviously can’t afford, even if she doubles her room rates. But all is not lost. It’s rumored that she comes up with a plan to raise the money, with the help of her not-so-good-at-the-moment friend Romero. A plan, which gets him much more re-involved with the Bates clan than he wants to be.

Not surprisingly, fans are loving the whole Dylan/Emma connection. So much so, the two are now referred to “Dylemma.” Let’s not forget the kiss they shared, that dreary day, on the isolated beach. Awww, young love! In a Hollywood Reporter interview, Kerry Ehrin had this to say about the budding relationship.

“She and Dylan are islands that have floated around the Norma/Norman mainland without being attached to it. The fact that these two floating islands bump into each other [in the recent episode] is really interesting and it opens a new connection between them.”

According to Movie News Guide, rumors about the terror that’s coming to Bates Motel are flying all over the place. There’s even some speculation Sheriff Romero will breathe his last breath before the start of Season 5.

Speaking of Season 5, there’s definitely going to be one. Yay! Ten more episodes, scheduled to air this calendar year, are already in the works. After that, no one really knows. Right now, it’s looking kind of “iffy.”

A recent post on Crossmap.com indicates Bates Motel co-creator, Carlton Cuse, had this to say about the show ending “around the fifth season.”

“Kerry and I have a pretty clear roadmap. We have a pretty clear plan of where we want to go and we want to bring this story to its inevitable conclusion. I think Bates is not its best version if it’s an open-ended series.”

One thing is for certain, though. Romero is going to find himself face-to-face with one of his ex-girlfriends, whether he wants to or not. The recurring role of Rebecca Hamilton will be played by Jaime Ray Newman. Just how much this old flame interferes in Norma’s relationship with the good Sheriff R. is still a mystery. Poor Norma! With her luck she may ever find love, before she meets her demise.

The Season 4 premiere of Bates Motel airs Monday at 9 p.m. on A&E.

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