Is Chris Christie Being Groomed To Be Donald Trump’s Vice President?

With Donald’s seven key victories during Super Tuesday, the Trump Train seems unstoppable and it will soon be time for the real estate mogul to choose a vice president.

Will it be New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie?

Christie shocked the world last week with his endorsement of Trump sending his own poll numbers plummeting, but that disapproval hasn’t stopped him from standing by Donald’s side at campaign appearances.

Six New Jersey newspapers have called for Christie’s resignation after he endorsed Trump, saying he isn’t fit to be governor anymore, but that hasn’t stopped Chris from attacking Sen. Marco Rubio.

The editorials condemn Christie for spending 261 days out of the last year travelling outside New Jersey on the state’s dime.

Then, Tuesday night during Trump’s Super Tuesday address Christie appeared behind Donald with such a shell shocked expression the Internet begun to wonder if he was being held hostage, reports Yahoo.

“Gov. Christie, blink twice if you’re in trouble!”

His befuddled televised appearance confused so many people it spawned the Twitter hashtag #FreeChrisChristie either from a hostage situation or from Trump’s campaign.

With all the criticism aimed at Gov. Chris Christie, many have begun to wonder why he chose to endorse The Donald and astute political observers have begun to speculate whether Trump’s vice president spot might be up for grabs.

The Donald has yet to announce a vice president, but a new poll from Morning Consult shows most Trump supporters think Ben Carson would make a good running mate; he leads the VP poll with 11 percent followed by Cruz and Rubio with 9 percent. Christie is tied for third place in the poll along with Gov. John Kasich with 8 percent.

Carson announced he was resigning from the presidential race Wednesday saying he didn’t see a political path forward to the Republican nomination, reports the SFGate.

“Along with millions of patriots who have supported my campaign for President, I remain committed to Saving America for Future Generations. We must not depart from our goals to restore what God and our Founders intended for this exceptional nation.”

Carson announced his resignation the day after Ted Cruz urged his rivals to drop out of the Republican race so voters could follow him instead of Donald Trump.

Trump has cemented his role as the leading Republican nominee and is closing in on the Party nomination; and that’s something that makes the Republican establishment shudder with fear.

A Trump nomination could potentially shatter the Republicans which is why party elites are pulling out all the stops to avoid it, radio host Steve Deace told CNN.

We all agree Trump as the nominee would be a disaster morally, politically, and electorally.

That’s what makes Chris Christie’s endorsement of Donald Trump all the more baffling for the governor’s supporters.

Christie has ben attacked for throwing his support behind a candidate he spent the rest of the campaign attacking as untrustworthy. The once beloved straight talking governor has been accused of political hypocrisy by the six New Jersey newspapers calling for his resignation, reports CNN.

“We’re disgusted with his endorsement of Donald Trump after he spent months on the campaign trail trashing him, calling him unqualified by temperament and experience to be president.”

What do you think? Is Gov. Chris Christie gunning for a Donald Trump vice presidential nomination?

[Photo by John Moore/Getty Images]