‘Dance Moms’ Star Abby Lee Miller’s Court Case Update: Star Gets Additional Extension From Court, Makes Plans For International Tour

Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller is still facing significant legal troubles, but it seems she just scored a bit of a win in court. While she was supposed to be moving forward on her fraud case, reports indicate that she got an extension, and she also seems to be ready to head off on an international adventure. What is the latest?

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Abby Lee Miller is facing 20 counts of fraud due to allegations that she fudged specifics when it came to a bankruptcy filing. If convicted on all of the counts, the Dance Moms star could be hit with $5 million in fines and five years behind bars.

Viewers have seen some of the drama related to this court case play out during Season 6 as it airs on Lifetime, but this case is nowhere near being resolved from the sounds of things. According to Deadline, Miller and her legal team were just granted their fourth extension to push out the case. The initial indictment came back in October 2015, but things have not progressed terribly far at this point.

Miller’s team now has until March 31 to file the paperwork in court. Abby’s lawyers argued that they needed additional time to sort through discovery issues and put together their pretrial motions. In addition to asking for another extension, the Dance Moms star also asked for permission to leave the country for a bit.

For those who follow Abby’s social media accounts, it has been clear that the Dance Moms star has been making some big travel plans. Miller has been hyping her upcoming tour abroad, where she will be heading up classes in France, Norway, Scotland, Spain, Gibraltar, and England as part of “Abby’s International Dance Adventure.”

Officially, it seems that Abby’s travel plans have not yet been approved by the court. Miller does need to obtain permission from the court before heading out of the country, a stipulation that was part of her bond in this legal case. Clearly, the Dance Moms star expects for her request to be approved, since the plans seem to be fairly well developed and the master classes she’s headlining begin soon.

According to Radar Online, the Abby Lee Dance Company events begin on March 12 and continue through April 1. Given that travel schedule, some may speculate that a fifth extension request may well be on the way soon, given that Abby will be out of the country leading into that March 31 deadline if her travel plans are approved as she seemingly expects. However, it also may be that her legal team is fairly well set and will finally file what is needed as she continues her tour.

All of this trouble stems from allegations that Miller hid $750,000 of earnings during her 2010 Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing. Interestingly, the judge in the bankruptcy case was said to start questioning things when he was flipping through shows on television and saw Abby, recognized her from the case, and knew that the television earnings had not been detailed in her documentation for the case. Abby has pleaded not guilty at this point.

Will Abby Lee Miller ultimately end up behind bars for these allegations of fraud? While some would say she will likely get off the hook, Real Housewives star Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, thought the same thing when they were initially charged after missteps in their bankruptcy filing. As RHONJ fans know, things did not work out that way.

Season 6 of Dance Moms is currently airing Tuesday nights on Lifetime. The word is that Maddie Ziegler and her family have officially left the show, an exit that likely takes place during the midseason finale coming soon. Will the show be able to continue given Abby Lee Miller’s legal issues? Fans are quite curious to see just where this heads next.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]