Devil Worshipper And Founder Of Easy Listening Satanic Music Ordered To Undergo Mental Evaluation Before Murder Trial

A 32-year-old devil worshiper accused of stabbing his roommate with an ink pen and strangling him to death using a lamp cord at a Kentucky nursing home has been ordered to go through a mental evaluation before the case against him can continue, Fox News is reporting.

Robert Reynolds, who legally changed his name to “The Reverend,” is accused of murdering Gary Glueck, 71.

The Reverend had lived at the Scottysville Manor nursing home for years, where he battled schizophrenia. One night last month, he called 911 to say that he was the father of the human race, making police authorities to check on him. According to The Washington Times, that phone call was the first time the police had ever heard of The Reverend. It would not be the last.

At the time, Police Chief Jeff Pearson said The Reverend had made no threats or committed no crimes – he had only insisted that he was the father of civilization. But a week later, he walked into the nurse’s station and confessed to killing his 71-year-old roommate.

The handcuffed Reverend, who appeared in an orange jumpsuit in court, repeatedly told Allen County District Judge Martha Harrison that he wanted to make a statement. Judge Harrison advised him against it and appointed a public defender to represent him. The public lawyer quickly asked the judge to run a mental assessment test on his client before legal proceedings could begin.

The Reverend has an active personality online. He has a website – which, for the time being, appears to still be active – and several Facebook pages where he describes himself as a devil worshiper, schizophrenic, and avid listener of “easy listening satanic” music, which he tagged Reynoldsian after his former name.

He told police that his argument with the deceased started when he wanted to play satanic music and his roommate had objected. His family declined to comment about his struggles with mental health.

The Reverend has posted videos, poems, and essays of his esoteric ramblings online. In his videos, he smoked, and talked to invisible companions. He reveals that he has a drug called Zexifor made from aged particles, tree moss, and honey for sweetness that could make gay men pregnant, and that he indeed gave birth to an infant that he would meet on his house porch 20 years into the future.

The Reverend expressed admiration for Charles Manson, Anton LaVey, founder of the Satanic Church, and Marquis de Sade, the 18th century French nobleman whose writings of brutal sexual cruelty birthed the word “sadism.”

He acknowledged his living conditions at Scottsville Manor saying, “living here would be difficult if I didn’t have a disability too, but since I do, it’s alright. Everybody here is disabled in some way, Scottsville Manor is a home.”

The Reverend is not the only alleged murderer who has professed his love for the devil. Pazuzu Algarad, 36, was a Satanist killer who, according to The Daily Mail, allegedly ate the body parts of his two murder victims before burying their skeletal remains in his backyard in Clemmons, North Carolina.

Algarad, who originally was called John Lawson, had his name changed by his mother, who named him after the devil that possessed the young girl in the horror movie The Exorcist. His tongue was decimated in the middle like a snake, and he reportedly had his teeth grated to make them sharper.

A friend said Algarad “told everyone about the bodies, describing how we killed his victims, ate their body parts,z and burned their remains in a fire pit but nobody believed him.” Police arrested him in 2014 after digging up the remains of his victims Joshua Fredrick Wetzler and Tommy Dean Welch, both 36. He was being held at the Central Prison Raleigh when he committed suicide in 2015.

[Image courtesy of Allen County Detention Center]