How To Move To Canada: Super Tuesday Results Cause Uptick In Google Search

How to move to Canada.

This is a question on the minds of many Americans today. According to search statistics, thousands of American citizens are looking into relocating to a different country after both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton did so well in Super Tuesday’s poll results. According to ABC News, Google has been flooded with searches by people who are apparently considering moving out of the United States if the candidate they dislike is elected president.

While many people seem to think that this was a result of Donald Trump’s excellent turnout on Tuesday, others believe that Hillary Clinton may have also caused some people to think about moving over the northern border. People really seem to love Bernie Sanders, and he didn’t do as well as many people had hoped.

How to move to Canada
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Hillary Clinton
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Knowing how to move to Canada may or may not solve anything for people who are frightened for the future of the United States. Certainly, millions of people won’t be relocating to the U.S.’ northern neighbor, but apparently some people are checking out all of their options at this point — you know, just in case.

One would assume that it was Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday victories that led these searches on Tuesday and Wednesday, especially because the majority of these searches were coming from one of the bluest states in the U.S: Massachusetts.

“Google data editor Simon Rogers first pointed out the trend, noting the searches spiked more than 350 percent Tuesday night. That number surged as high as 1,150 percent before settling around the 500 percent mark at the end of the day. Google search results also show a breakdown by state — and it appears the majority of searches about emigrating to Canada came from Massachusetts.”

Considering a move to Canada may seem asinine for some people, many who feel as though they will be able to get through the next four years of their lives regardless who becomes president. However, some people are so fed up with the way politics are in the United States, they are actually considering a serious move out of the country.

And, as you can probably imagine, the reaction on social media has been a mixed bag.

It’s also no surprise that the media is making this all about Trump. There are plenty of people who would want to move to Canada if Hillary won the election, or if Bernie Sanders was elected.

It seems as though the American people are becoming a passionate group of “let’s runaway-ers” instead of a united group of, well, anything else. Perhaps the choices for President of the United States aren’t what you’d hoped, but the truth is that someone is going to get elected. About half of the people in the country are going to be unhappy about it, but that has been the nature of politics since the beginning of the parties.

Moving to Canada is probably unrealistic for the majority of people living in the States, but people in this country like to have options. Ironically, that’s what makes America so great.

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